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Vehicle PCB industry is a plate with great development potential
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Vehicle PCB industry is a plate with great development potential

The demand for PCB of automotive electronics shows diversity. A large number of hard boards are used in the application environments such as instrument panel, car audio and driving computer, so the proportion of 4-layer boards is relatively high, accounting for 38%, followed by 2-layer boards and 6-layer boards, accounting for 16% respectively; In the engine room, in order to meet the heat dissipation requirements of high temperature environment, the heat dissipation substrate accounts for 3%; In high-frequency transmission and wireless radar detection, low-temperature co fired ceramics account for 5%; Products specially developed for automobile customization, such as IC carrier plate and soft board, account for about 17% of the total.


The quality of automobile parts and the protection of the life safety of drivers and passengers are topics that all automobile manufacturers attach importance to. Under the condition of high-speed driving, vehicles have high requirements on temperature resistance, electromagnetic wave resistance, earthquake resistance and corrosion resistance. The performance of automotive PCB in these aspects is better than ICT product specifications, so it is more favored by the market.


Automobile electronization strongly promotes the growth of automobile PCB plate. The automotive PCB industry has shown the characteristics of high profits and stable orders. Facing this huge and delicious cake, more PCB practitioners have entered the market. Vehicle manufacturers often have a product validation period of up to three years, which is a full test for potential entrants of automotive electronics. The advancement of automobile electronization provides a new development platform for PCB.


The development of the downstream industry is the driving force for the growth of the PCB industry. With the innovation and development of electronic terminal products, new electronic products continue to emerge. Compared with the previous demand of relying too much on a few types of electronic products, the development of the PCB industry has become more stable.


Domestic PCB technology is still insufficient, and domestic enterprises shoulder heavy responsibilities


Although China has become the largest PCB producer in the world, its sales volume is still mainly concentrated in the single panel, double panel and multilayer boards of traditional products. Although the sales scale of HDI boards and flexible boards with high technology content and high added value has been increasing, they are still small. Compared with developed countries, there is still a certain gap in product manufacturing technology and process, which needs to be further improved.

At the same time, the domestic economy has gradually shifted from the stage of high-speed development to the stage of high-quality development, the demographic dividend has gradually disappeared, and the operating costs of PCB enterprises have increased. Domestic enterprises are expected to further develop in PCB plate with high quality relying on local advantages under the favorable international environment and more strict and perfect policy environment.

Electronic information is a strategic industry that countries focus on. As the basis of electronic information industry, PCB is the top priority of national development. It is expected to promote the healthy development of PCB industry under the guidance of policies. Under the strict environmental protection standards, PCB enterprises need to establish more perfect environmental protection systems and constantly improve their own technical level to achieve sustainable development of themselves and the industry as a whole.

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