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Characteristics of high frequency pcb circuit board
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Characteristics of high frequency pcb circuit board

CharacteristICs of high frequency PCB circuit board
PCB high frequency board refers to a special circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency, which is used in the fields of high frequency (frequency greater than 300MHz or wavelength less than 1m) and microwave (frequency greater than 3GHz or wavelength less than 0.1m). It is a circuit board produced on the microwave base material copper clad plate by using the common rigid circuit board manufacturing method or using special processing methods
High frequency PCB boards with induction heating technology have been widely used in the communication industry, network technology and high-speed information processing systems, meeting the requirements of many high-precision parameter instruments. Reliable high-frequency circuit board has provided great help in actual production. So, what are the advantages of such a powerful high-frequency circuit board?

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1、 High efficiency
2、 Fast
3、 High controllability
4、 Strong tolerance
How to measure the parameters of high-frequency high-Speed PCB and materials?
Just now we mentioned that the production process of high-frequency high-speed PCB is basically the same as that of ordinary pcb, and its characteristic parameters mainly depend on the characteristic parameters of PCB materials. Therefore, in order to produce PCB boards that meet the requirements, in addition to adopting corresponding processes, it is more important to use appropriate PCB synthetic materials. Therefore, as a PCB manufacturer, R&D and design personnel should first test PCB materials to confirm characteristic parameters; Before making the template, the PCB board is modeLED through the design SIMulation software, and the characteristic parameters are fitted to generate the template of PCB. Then, the template is verified and tested, and it is iterated continuously. After meeting the requirements, mass production can be carried out. In the process of mass production, PCB boards shall be tested by sampling or full inspection as required.
Dk/Df Test of High Frequency and High Speed PCB Materials
In order to meet the requirements of signal integrity for different applications, in addition to analyzing the dielectric constant Dk and dielectric loss Df of the material itself to achieve effective PCB design, it is also necessary to test the PCB for S parameters and TDR impedance. Many technical details are involved here, such as instrument calibration, fixture extraction and deblocking (AFR) and transmission line simulation test.

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