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How to distinguish the layers of PCB
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How to distinguish the layers of PCB

How to distinguish the layers of PCB
It has been several deCADes since PCB was developed as a scientifIC and technological base plate. Long term scientific and technological development has brought about technology compression. A variety of layers of PCB have been produced and a PCB has been obtained. Many people have doubts about how to distinguish the layers of PCB. Today, PCB manufacturers show you how to distinguish the layers of PCB
Single panel
The first is the common single panel, that is, only one side of the PCB board has lines (either with holes or without holes), and the other side is covered with substrate or direct insulating ink. There are no lines and the whole board is exposed to light under strong light (except for individual plates and special process requirements). Only the side with lines on the cross section plane contains copper foil;. Double panels are SIMilar. Generally, there are circuits on both sides. The copper holes are used as the "bridge" on both sides of the link board and the entire PCB is exposed to light under strong light (except for individual panels and special process requirements). Only the outermost two sides of the PCB board contain copper foil in the cross section;
multilayer PCB

pcb board

multilayer circuit boards are special. Metaphorically, double-sided boards are stacked like sandwiches, with sandwich PCBs in the middle, (In terms of manufacturing capacity, there are 4 to 12 layers for mobile phones, computers, home appliances, and automobiles; 8 to 20 layers for military or aviation positioning; and more than 60 layers for satellites, navigation, and rockets. Its precision can be imagined. In fact, CPU can also be understood as an ultra precision "PCB" in microelectronics.) The interlayer in the middle is generally calLED the "inner layer". As a PCB manufacturer that has produced circuit boards for more than 12 years, Honglian Circuit currently has a maximum of 32 layers
The multilayer PCB is light tight or partially light tight and unobvious under strong light, and the outermost ends and middle positions of the cross section contain copper foil.
In the case of single sided, double-sided and multi-layer PCBs with the same plate and the same volume, the weight of multi-layer PCBs is>the weight of double-sided PCBs>the weight of single-sided PCBs.
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