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Look at PCB board industry development from electronic information industry current situation
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Look at PCB board industry development from electronic information industry current situation

Electronic information is the electronic information products derived from electronic information engineering to provide efficient and convenient information services when people need them. And since the invention and popularization of electronic information products, people have broken the habit of using paper carriers as the carrier to store and spread information, and gradually rely on electronic information products as the carrier to store and spread information.

Electronic information products are widely used in human life. Taking mobile phones as an example, almost everyone in the society now has mobile phones, and the speed of mobile phone upgrading is extremely fast, and the market demand is huge. At present, the electronic information industry is one of the most dynamic and innovative industries of our economy. Since 1990s, the growth rate of the electronic information industry has outpaced the development of the national economy. It has become a basic, guiding, strategic and pillar industry of the national economy and an important engine for China to seize the commanding heights of the international economy. Subsequently, the electronic information industry, driven by the development tide of the global Internet, relied on scientific and technological progress to go out on a road of market dominance, government promotion, introduction, digestion, absorption and continuous innovation, and achieved leapfrog development.

From January to September of 2015, the investment of fixed assets of projects above 5 million yuan in the electronic information industry was 992.97 billion yuan, up 15.1% year on year; The new fixed assets in the electronic information industry were 500.97 billion yuan, up 25.3% year on year; The electronic information industry started 7,330 new projects, up 18.2 percent year on year. From these data can see that the demand of our country electronic information industry is still strong, with the further popularization of Internet, our country electronic information industry will face the once again industry growth.


As a subordinate industry of electronic information industry, PCB board industry has maintained rapid growth in recent years. Some experts predict that China's PCB board industry will enter a high-speed growth period under the situation of domestic sales growth and continuous global production capacity transfer. The rise of all kinds of electronic products and led etc. has greatly promoted the development of PCB board industry in China. In the next five years, PCB board industry in China will maintain rapid growth. At the same time, PCB board industry will also be different from the past, do some adjustments.

Firstly, in terms of technology, PCB board industry will increase the research and development of high-end products, and the industry will move towards intelligent manufacturing. Secondly, the industry will pay more attention to the cultivation of high-end management and technical talents; Finally, and most importantly, enterprises will transform their marketing mode from traditional order sales to online and offline sales, and carry out a series of corporate marketing through the Internet platform. It is reported that PCB board APP has been widely recognized by the industry. It not only provides a supply and demand release platform for the industry, but also provides industry information, market analysis and other comprehensive industry information to users. Through further development, PCB board APP will become a comprehensive industry platform with the functions of industry communication, display, business negotiation and so on.

How to prevent the PCB from warping and deforming during manufacturing

1. Avoid buckling of the substrate due to improper inventory

(1) Improper placement of copper clad plate will increase warpage. If there is heavy weight on the vertical or copper clad plate, poor placement will increase the buckling deformation of copper clad plate.

(2) In the storage process of copper clad sheet, due to moisture absorption will increase warpage, the hygroscopic area of single-sided copper clad sheet is large, if the humidity of the inventory environment is high, single-sided copper clad sheet will significantly increase warpage. The moisture of double-sided copper clad plate can only penetrate from the end face of the product, the moisture absorption area is small, and the warpage change is slow. Therefore, for the copper clad plate without moisture-proof packaging, attention should be paid to the warehouse conditions, as far as possible to reduce the humidity of the warehouse and avoid the copper clad plate naked, in order to avoid the storage of copper clad plate increase warping.

2. Eliminate the stress of the substrate and reduce the warping of PCB board during processing

Because in the process of PCB processing, the substrate should be subjected to the action of heat and a variety of chemical substances. Such as substrate etching to wash, to dry and heat, graphic plating plating is hot, printing green oil and printing identification characters after heating drying or UV light baking, hot air spray tin substrate by the heat impact is also great. Any of these processes can warp a PCB board.

3. Avoid warping caused by improper design or improper processing of printed circuit board.

For example, PCB board conductive circuit pattern is not balanced or PCB board two sides of the circuit is obviously asymmetrical, one side has a large area of copper skin, the formation of greater stress, the PCB board warping, in the process of PCB processing temperature is too high or large thermal impact will cause PCB board warping. For the impact caused by improper inventory mode of cladding board, PCB factory is better to solve, improve the storage environment and put an end to vertical, avoid pressure. For PCB board with large area of copper sheet in circuit pattern, it is better to mesh copper foil to reduce stress.

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