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SMT is the most detailed process
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SMT is the most detailed process

SMT is the most detailed process

SMT patch processing is a very complex process, including many technical processes, which requires careful work, otherwise bad products will appear. Let hfordkin Technology Co., Ltd. introduce the most detailed processes in the SMT patch process:

1. PCB Mosaic board

In the process of PCB board assembling, the most important thing to pay attention to is the problem of cutting PCB patch after processing. Due to the reason of production cost, many PCB manufacturers adopt manual board parting, resulting in the increase of labor cost. Nowadays, the electronic products on the market have higher and higher requirements on the volume and size. The thinner PCB is, the easier it is to deform after being subjected to external force. If there are too many pieces of board, the whole area of the board will become very wide.61 (1)

2, three anti-paint coating

Three anti-paint coating is the last link of SMT patch. If there is no mistake in the previous welding and testing assembly, we can ship after this process is completed. Manual coating and machine spraying are two common three anti paint coating methods, manual coating is suitable for small batch, random, machine coating for large quantities, mainly in accordance with the preset program spraying, can effectively prevent the quality of the poor due to artificial mistakes.

Causes of PCB circuit board distortion:

1, PCB circuit board itself caused by the material, single panel generally uses CIM-1, if the epoxide glass layer conversion temperature exceeds 110℃-130℃, the material is easy to distort.

2, PCB circuit board before heating, there is internal stress, it will cause the bending of the board, usually this stress is caused by improper design.

3. Improper fixture design. PCB circuit board equipment will age so that the glass of most laminates changes temperature, causing distortion after expansion. 1, in the condition of not affecting the circuit board welding, as far as possible to lower the temperature. 2, circuit board design needs to be reasonable, each piece of copper foil area to balance. 3, in the case of price in line with expectations, recommend the use of international plate, choose high temperature resistant material, to prevent circuit board distortion.

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