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Industry news
Capacitive touch screen PCB copying board innovation detonated industrial revolution
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Capacitive touch screen PCB copying board innovation detonated industrial revolution

In recent years, with the popularity of smart phones and tablet computers, touch screens have been favored by consumers for their human-computer interaction. Today, industrial equipment, household equipment, military equipment and medical equipment are also innovative to adopt this intuitive mode of operation, especially the capacitive touch screen since the advent of the iPhone has become a more attractive touch screen technology. As 3M company monopolized the international market of capacitive touch board in the early days, some domestic enterprises only learned its technical principle by PCB copying board. With the expiration of the patent a few years ago, many domestic enterprises have joined in the development of capacitive touch screen products, and especially after technology precipitation Shenzhen Jingkete pcb copying board enterprise performance is the best, not only can copy foreign high-end touch screen products, but also adhere to innovation and upgrading, walking the road of Chinese characteristics.

PCB copy board is the domestic capacitive touch screen outlet

There is a view that domestic capacitive touch screen outlet can only rely on independent research and development to catch up. The author believes that The Times are different. Foreign countries have experienced the development of touch screen for one hundred years, and we cannot walk on the road of one hundred years to wait for the maturity of objective conditions. There is no way out. Facing the rapid development of national economy and the invasion of international trade after joining WTO, we must take the road of PCB copying board in some high-end barrier fields. First, we must learn advanced foreign technology, with strong technical support, in order to fight the price war of high quality and high efficiency. Then, PCB copying board should also be combined with China's reality, innovation, take the road of alliance cooperation, drive the development of Chinese enterprises.


Domestic capacitive touch screen PCB copying board solution

At present, the main technology, key components and raw materials of capacitive touch screen are basically in the hands of Japanese and American manufacturers. Therefore, in addition to advanced process technology, PCB copying board must also clearly understand the needs of customers in the selection of materials. In this respect, Jingcott with 20 years of experience in copying board, can accurately understand the material origin, choose the most cost-effective board, for customers to save costs. Due to the current touch control technology, the poor light transmittance of the material used by the screen affects the clarity of the display picture, or the coordinate drift occurs after long-term use, affecting the use of precision and other problems, so PCB copying board can not only check the leakage and fill in the gaps, but also can provide secondary development of PCB board modification services. In addition, Jingcott can also provide chip decryption, PCB board copy, schematic diagram and schematic diagram design, BOM production, PCB design, SMT processing, prototype production, software and hardware development and other complete solutions to meet the needs of customers in all aspects.

Capacitive touch screens are setting off a new industrial revolution

In the era of touch control, capacitive touch screen has been applied to various industrial equipment, such as industrial automation, gas station terminal, aircraft display, automotive GPS, medical equipment, POS and ATM machines in banks, industrial measuring instruments and high-speed rail, and so on. A new industrial revolution is unfolding. It is understood that Jingcott has a high reverse research and development capability in these fields, and Jingcott also attracts more like-minded partners to join in the capacitive touch screen PCB copying board and innovation research and development, together to write a new chapter in the high-speed development of domestic capacitive touch screen!

Research on Metro equipment PCB copying board and core technology localization

In recent years, in order to promote the construction of subways in second - and third-tier cities, China, a manufacturing country, has to use relatively cheap domestic equipment instead of expensive imported equipment. However, China's subway construction is still commendable, mainly due to the lack of core technology and independent innovation. In recent years, although the proportion of high-end subway manufacturing equipment made in China has increased to more than 70%, the core technology supporting these equipment has not been improved at the same time. Therefore, domestic subway equipment is often faced with the question of inferior skills in terms of security. How to dispel the doubts of the Chinese people? PCB copying board from reverse research to break foreign technology monopoly and control, and core technology digestion and absorption and re-innovation, or can improve the level of core technology localization.

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