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2021 Global PCB segmentation product structure
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2021 Global PCB segmentation product structure

 Current situation of PCB (printed circuit board) industry in CHINA

The output value of Chinese mainland PCB industry increased from $26.2 billion in 2014 to $44.2 billion in 2021. Since 2016, the proportion of PCB output value in China's mainland in the world has remained above 50%. With the deepening of PCB industrytransfer, the proportion of PCB production scale will further increase.

Output value scale and global proportion of PCB in mainland China from 2014 to 2021

In terms of products, the market size of rigid board is the largest in 2021, in which multi-layer board takes up 47.6%, single and double panel takes up 15.5%; Followed by HDI board, accounting for 16.6%; Flexible plate accounted for 15%, packaging substrate accounted for a smaller proportion of 5.3%. Compared with JING the PCB manufacturing country such as Japan, at present the GAO end printed circuit board in our country the ratio is still low, especially packaging base board, high level HDI board, high multilayer board and so on.

2021 CHINA PCB segmentation product structure

In terms of the number of newly added enterprises, from 2015 to 2021, the number of newly added enterprises related to PCB industry showed a trend of first rising and then declining. In 2021, the number of newly added enterprises related to PCB industry was 118, 129 fewer than that in 2020.

Number of new PCB related enterprises in CHINA from 2015 to 2021

Vi. PCB (printed circuit board) industry competition pattern

1. Global market

In terms of the global market, PCB industry is mainly distributed in East Asia, Europe and the United States. With the gradual transfer of global PCB production capacity to CHINA in recent years, CHINA has become the region with the largest output of PCB industry in the world.

There are many PCB manufacturers in the world, the industry concentration is low, and the market competition is full. Although the development trend of PCB industry to the leading enterprises is increasingly obvious, but in the future for a period of time, the industry will still maintain a relatively scattered competition pattern. According to statistics, the total revenue of the world's top 10 PCB manufacturers in 2021 is 28.404 billion US dollars.

Top 10 PCB manufacturers in the world in 2021

2. CHINA Market

Domestic PCB enterprises are mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Rim region, forming a multi-party competition pattern of Taiwan, Hong Kong, US, Japanese and domestic enterprises. With the increasing investment in central provinces such as Hubei and Jiangxi, PCB enterprises located in central provinces are becoming a force that cannot be ignored in CHINA's PCB manufacturing industry.


CHINA PCB Enterprise Ranking in 2021

Vii. Development trend of PCB (printed circuit board) industry

The technological development of PCB industry is closely related to the demand of downstream electronic terminal products. With the rapid development of electronic information technology and the acceleration of the replacement of electronic products, the new generation of electronic products are developing towards miniaturization, portability and multifunctional direction, which promotes the development of PCB products towards high-density, high performance and HUAN protection direction.

1. High density

High density of circuit board aperture size, wiring width, layer level and other aspects put forward higher requirements, high density interconnection technology (HDI) is the embodiment of PCB JING technology. Compared with ordinary multilayer board, HDI board is precisely set blind holes and buried holes to reduce the number of through holes, save PCB wiring area, and greatly improve component density.

2. High performance

High performance mainly refers to PCB improve impedance and heat dissipation and other aspects of the performance, so as to enhance the reliability of products. Modern electronic products require fast information transmission rate and large information transmission volume, which promotes the development of digital signal technology towards high frequency. PCB with good impedance can guarantee XIAO transmission of ZHANG information, ensure the stability of product performance and achieve complex functions. As high performance products generate more heat, PCB with good heat dissipation performance is needed to reduce the temperature of products. Under this trend, PCB with good heat dissipation performance such as metal substrate and thick copper plate are widely used, and PCB products show the characteristics of high performance development.

3. Environmental protection development

PCB industry production process is complex, part of the process will cause environmental pollution, pollutant treatment process is complicated. With the improvement of Huanbao requirements in various countries, the PCB industry has formulated a series of Huanbao specifications. Considering the need of sustainable development, the use of new Huanbao materials and improved process technology to produce energy-saving Huanbao new products will also become the development direction of the PCB industry.

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