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Under the dome, what are the circuit board manufacturers doing?
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Under the dome, what are the circuit board manufacturers doing?

The value of the existence of an enterprise is profit, Lei Jun said, "Do not make money is a crime." According to 75% of circuit board enterprises are in the red, many bosses blame the rise of labor costs, raw material costs and other reasons, but the author of a number of circuit board enterprises found that the waste caused by unreasonable management is the main reason for the loss. Take the management of equipment, PCB enterprises are dependent on equipment, many PCB factories rarely to maintain, with the increase of customer requirements for PCB quality, the one-time qualified rate of products is low. Machinery and equipment is the guarantee of the qualified rate of products, but many manufacturers generally do not have the consciousness of "pursuing zero failure of equipment", resulting in equipment shutdown one after another. An employee of a PCB factory in Shenzhen once told the author: "In terms of the card board phenomenon, there are more than 10 times in a month, the transmission is not smooth, leading to a piece of the board scrap, reflect up several times, has not been paid attention to, see the board scrap like this, we are very distressed."


Moreover, the unit price of hundreds of thousands, millions of yuan of equipment production line, with only three to five years on the serious cracking and had to be improperly sold scrap...... But it happens all the time. Environmental pollution is "crime" famous host "under the Dome" let us shock, but these environmental pollution culprits have a large part of the circuit board enterprises, many circuit board enterprises in order to compete for the market, not to reduce management costs but low environmental protection costs, in the sewage treatment equipment input very little. The result is that our water is no longer clear, the sky is no longer blue, and the environment we depend on for production is getting worse and worse. Shenzhen Keyou Circuit Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Keyou"), is dedicated to circuit board printing services for 12 years, at the beginning of its establishment based on the low carbon environmental protection, green and clean production principles, created a set of material control costs of PCB production, effectively help customers save costs, reduce the waste of resources, is one of the representatives of today's resource-saving circuit board enterprises.

Quality maintenance, responsible for the implementation of personal quality maintenance, Keyou according to the product quality status quo, constantly maintain and improve the equipment, so as to make the equipment normal operation, produce qualified products. The general manager of Keyou told me that "the scrap rate of many PCB factories is as high as 3% or more. According to the scrap rate report of 2014, the scrap rate of Keyou in the production of double panel is lower than 0.4%, the scrap rate of copper substrate is less than 0.42%, and the scrap rate of multilayer board is one third of that of peers." Why is the scrapping rate so low? Because Keyou constantly strengthens the training of equipment maintenance knowledge for grass-roots staff, timely adopts corresponding improvement measures according to the correlation between poor product quality and equipment status, subdivides the maintenance responsibility of each equipment or area to individuals, and this assessment is included in the performance assessment of management personnel. Keyou implements lean production management mode, from global to local, including procurement, production, logistics, logistics and other links to be strictly controlled, the management cost.

Keyou Quality Manager said, "Due to lack of space and other reasons, many PCB manufacturers spend too much time in the transportation of various production processes, which not only wastes labor costs and increases the scrap rate of products, but also affects the delivery time of products. Keyou has 5000 square meters of plant area, each production process to achieve seamless link, conducive to the realization of rapid production change, so not only to ensure the quality, but also reduce the cost, profit naturally up." Automated production, standardized management of many small and medium-sized circuit boards still stay in the traditional idea, the personnel is not enough to increase people, and the lack of awareness of automation transformation. Keyou's production manager told me, "Automation is a little more expensive at the beginning, but the overall cost will be much lower when the actual production runs. Green first, safety production science and technology has been attached importance to the enterprise clean production work, in 2006, the company will respond to the call of the municipal government, actively implement clean production, for many years passed the Dongguan environmental protection review. Since 2007, we have invested heavily in sewage treatment equipment to truly achieve green production and clean production. The company strictly abide by the Rohs standard, and through the Chinese SGS certification, the United States UL certification; In 2014, fires broke out in several circuit board factories.

Keyou has set up a safety inspection team since 2006, which is mainly responsible for the maintenance of inspection equipment, control of materials and inspection of fire fighting facilities. It also organizes fire fighting training and fire drills for personnel regularly, and works out emergency plans for emergencies. In the development of Keyou Company for 12 years, Keyou always adhere to the scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the internal management as the starting point, with a hundred broken morale, energetic. From the confident words of the company's leadership, from the busy and orderly production site, from each employee's focused operation, from a group of exciting data, let us feel that Keyou is in a vigorous attitude full of vitality and vitality. Keyou Circuit is a professional production of high precision multilayer circuit board, module gold circuit board, vehicle circuit board, traffic recorder,COB power supply, computer motherboard, medical circuit board, module Bonding board, thermoelectric separation copper substrate, etc., quality assurance, delivery on time, to sales as one of the high-tech enterprises.

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