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How to choose smt patch machining
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How to choose smt patch machining

SMT production line is mainly composed of silk screen printing machine, high-speed SMT machine, multifunctional SMT machine, reflow welding machine and AOI automatIC detector. If the time of two SMT machines to complete a SMT process (hereinafter referred to as the SMT time) is not equal, the SMT rate will be affected. The following patch processing manufacturer to talk about how to improve the production efficiency of SMT patches and how to choose SMT processing knowLEDge.

1. How to select smt patch processing

Due to the increase in the demand for SMT patches, the number of SMT patch processing plants in the MARKet is also increasing, which causes certain troubles for the customers to select cooperative units. After all, the market is mixed, and the strength of SMT patch processing manufacturers is also high and low. So, how to choose the right SMT plant? SMT patch processing which good? Below, Xiaobian teaches you how to judge the choice.

SMT patch processing which good? There are three types of SMT processing plants, each with its own advantages and differences:

First, customized processing plant

This kind of professionalism is relatively strong, and only for a certain industry, a product production, such as the production of mobile phone board, only do tablet computers, their machines, equipment, technology, detection tools, talents and so on are customized according to this idea, although only a single job, but because of the professionalism, so it is very popular. Of course, their prices are not too low.

Two, model processing plant

This belongs to a large manufacturer, the machine production line is more, and the capacity is very high, the personnel allocation is relatively sound, the volume, the price can be cheaper, but the order quantity is relatively large.

Three, low-end processing plant

The price of such low-end SMT processing plants is often very low, which can attract many SMAll enterprises. They use mostly second-hand machines and medium speed SMT machines, can save manpower, in short, can reduce costs. If the enterprise needs the product production is SIMple, large, and can save the cost, may wish to choose this, the price is cheap, but the professional is not high, can not produce complex products.

SMT patch processing which good

This is the most practical method, for enterprises in the same city or province, the best. During the field visit, we can not only see the strength of the enterprise, but also understand its production process and capacity. We can also have physical contact to see whether the SMT patch factory is really as high quality as advertised.

Two, online consulting online consulting is divided into two kinds, one is directly in Baidu search "SMT patch processing which good", the other is to find a few feel good, and then to professional questions for consultation, see how the other party's answer. These two methods have their own advantages. The most important is that they don't have to travel thousands of miles to inspect factories. They save time and energy. Of course, online propaganda is true and false, the need for consultants to judge which SMT patch processing is good. Quietly tell you a tip, now Baidu has a Baidu reputation and network record, the general personal website is not registered, so, when you consult SMT patch processing which is good, do not know which is good, choose to check in the background, this credibility will be higher. SMT patch processing which good? In addition, the most noteworthy point is the price, because many enterprises will judge the product by the price, which is not practical, we suggest that you do not judge from the point of view of price, to integrate the strength of SMT patch manufacturers, and finally choose the right one.

SMT patch factory

2. How to improve the production efficiency of SMT patches

SMT patch processing efficiency has many effects, for example, if the total production volume is certain, SMT patch production line number, can also improve the production speed, but the running cost is also increasing, the fierce competition in the electronic industry is unimaginable, how to...... SMT patch processing efficiency has many influences. For example, if the total production capacity is fixed and the number of SMT patch production lines is large, the production speed can be improved, but the running cost is also increasing. The fierce competition in the electronic industry is unimaginable now. The SMT production line is mainly composed of silk screen printing machine, high-speed SMT machine, multifunctional SMT machine, reflow welding machine and AOI automatic detector. If the two SMT machines complete a mounting process of time (hereinafter referred to as the mounting time) is not equal, it will affect the SMT rate. Specific methods:

1, load distribution balance. Reasonable allocation of the number of two SMT components to achieve load distribution balance, so as to achieve two SMT SMT SMT machine placement time equal;

2. SMT placing machine itself. As we all know, SMT SMT machine has a maximum SMT speed value, but it is not easy to achieve this value, which is related to the structure of SMT machine itself. For example, X/Y structure SMT machine, the measures taken are to make the mounting head pick up components at the same time as possible. On the other hand, when arranging the mounting program, the same type of components are arranged together. So as to reduce the number of changing the nozzle when the mounting head picks up the component, saving the mounting time. SMT production line consists of a lot of equipment. If the speed of any equipment is slow during processing, the time of placing will be delayed, which will affect the entire processing process. How to improve the SMT line should not only be guided by theory, but also the rich experience of field operators.

3. How to maintain the circuit board splitter

For printed circuit board enterprises, good equipment is of great help to improve the production efficiency of enterprises. Every year, they will invest a lot of manpower and material resources in this aspect, in order to achieve an effective production effect. And judging from the results, many of them are actually making good progress.

In the past two years, there have been more and more good splitters on the market, and their usefulness has been greatly improved compared to the past. In order to ensure that good results can be achieved, we should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance in daily use. First of all, if we want to make the printed circuit board splitter have a good use effect, we need to find someone to take charge of this aspect of work, so that people can be held accountable and there will be no situation of cheating. The reason for this is that the maintenance and maintenance of the parting machine is a daily work, which needs to be paid attention to every day. A little slack will have a great impact on its use.

When it comes to the maintenance of the printed circuit board machine, the first thing to pay attention to is that after use every day, we must cut off the power supply in time, and then in. Time to clean it up. In this process, try not to use some corrosive cleaning agents, choose to use water to simply wipe the effect is very good. It is important to note that there will inevitably be wear and tear in the process of using the plate machine, so we need to read it every once in a while for lubrication, which can reduce the problems caused by wear.

For different types of printed circuit board splicer, we need to focus on different parts of the maintenance, we learn more about the relevant knowledge from the official channels, we know what details need to be paid attention to. In the process of equipment operation, because vibration and wear screws are very easy to appear problems, the daily maintenance of these parts is to focus on. If you find loose screws, tighten them immediately. At the same time for the cutting tool also need to be replaced in time, do not wait until there is a problem.

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