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How to ensure safety in SMT patch processing
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How to ensure safety in SMT patch processing

I believe you still have some understanding of the patch, although this is a new type of project, but in the current electronIC technology industry has been appearing, so in the process of daily operation, you will also find that there have been a lot of patch processing plants, but how to make a choice, this aspect should also be paid attention to, must be correct to understand, At the same time, it will have a better effect. The following patch processing factory will explain how to choose precautions and how to ensure safety in SMT patch processing.

1. How to ensure the safety of SMT patch processing

How to ensure the safety of employees in SMT patch processing There will be many problems that we pay special attention to in the SMT patch processing and production process, especially the safety protection problems involved in the SMT processing and production process. Therefore, only by ensuring the health of employees on the SMT production line can we ensure that the SMT production will not be affected. In this respect, if the electronics factory pays more attention to these details, it can reflect the humanized care of the manufacturer, so it is also a way to retain employees. There are many power problems involved in SMT processing and production, so we should pay attention to the safety protection work in SMT processing and production.

If the power cord is exposed to the outside, it is likely to leak electricity, so it may cause electric shock, affecting the physical safety of employees. If people touch the power cord, it can cause serious damage to the health of employees. The damage of power supply to human body is very serious. Generally speaking, it can cause employees to lose their intuition or even disability or death. The consequences are very serious. Therefore, we need to check regularly whether the power supply on the SMT patch processing line has done all kinds of safety protection, and correct in time if there is any problem.

In addition, we should also do special training of power protection. If we encounter the danger of power supply in the work, we should immediately respond to the relevant personnel to solve the problem immediately, so as to organize the deterioration of the situation at the source. So if you encounter the dangerous situation of the power supply can not be self-righteous began to repair the power supply, so as to avoid dangerous situations. In the SMT patch processing and production process, it should be noted that the machine patch is a high-speed machine when it is used in the patch processing program. Because of the high-speed operation, many power sources are needed to ensure the work of the whole production line. So there are a lot of sharp edges in these power sources, and these edges are some dangerous goods, so we need to ensure that all kinds of protective measures are taken in these machines. In addition, in these places that threaten the employee's body are to pay attention to the protection of the guardrail. In case someone accidentally touches the injured should immediately close the whole SMT working switch. In order to avoid this situation, the general cleaning machine wheel to wear special gloves to prevent being cut.

We should pay attention to fire safety in the SMT patch processing and production process, because there may be some fireworks during welding, so we should pay special attention to this problem. There must be no flammable products beside the production line. In case of ignition, the SMT production line should be stopped immediately. In SMT processing and production, attention should be paid to anti-static. In SMT processing line, electrostatic protection must inhibit the accumulation of charge, but also take some measures to effect the generated charge. Therefore, pay attention to anti-static protection whether in the SMT processing and production process or not yet in production.

 SMT patch

2. How to select precautions for the patch factory

How to choose a patch factory? When you really want to find a patch factory, you first had better combine your personal situation, there are a lot of people may choose large manufacturers, but when you choose large manufacturers, you should also understand that because the other side's business is hot, sometimes there may be a large number of orders, and your order may not have a way, the first time to be processed, And if you are very anxious to complete the order, this is not recommended to choose large manufacturers.

On the contrary, you can also consider some SMAll manufacturers, small manufacturers tend to serve more enthusiastic, can quickly meet your needs, but at the same time there will be a certain risk, such as may not be particularly reliable, sometimes there will be no way to meet your requirements, these are need to understand. Many people will feel that when choosing a patch factory, they only need to pay attention to the word of mouth, pay attention to the word of mouth, is indeed a very key content, but they should not only pay attention to the word of mouth, but also need to understand the whole factory, it is best to carry out an in-depth investigation of the whole factory, you can choose a field trip, But before choosing the field trip, we must also have some understanding of the whole manufacturer, such as should know how the manufacturer's word of mouth, after knowing that the word of mouth is guaranteed, and then choose the field trip, there is a better guarantee, generally, the manufacturer you choose is best has been set up 2~5 years, which shows that the manufacturer is more reliable, Also have a stable operation, some newly established enterprises, although can give you warm service, relatively low price, but may not be able to meet your requirements of quality.

In fact,  patch processing plant has a lot of different services. If your enterprise has a demand for propositions, you can naturally find these factories. In fact, for the current electronics industry, there is often a demand for this aspect, and for the enterprise itself, it is impossible to choose to operate by itself. Therefore, most of the tasks are all given to these processing plants, relatively speaking, the cost of the need to charge is not very high, but it can really bring some help to the enterprise, so now the electronic industry enterprises will choose the patch processing plant, if you really want to choose the above knowLEDge, do not ignore. Generally, as long as the right way to choose, it is not easy to have problems, which is the main key at present.

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