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Select high quality SMT manufacturers
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Select high quality SMT manufacturers

In Shenzhen, there is no shortage of electronIC manufacturers. Many medium and large enterprises see the potential and prOSPect of the development of the SMT industry and quietly launch the SMT production line. This leads to the fact that when you choose the PCB SMT manufacturers, you do not know which one is more trustworthy. The following patch processing manufacturer Xiaobian to explain how to choose high-quality SMT patch manufacturers and patch processing manufacturers how to do a good job of protection knowLEDge.

1. How do patch manufacturers protect themselves

In the patch processing, electrostatic protection is a very important work, can not be careless, otherwise it will let the circuit board failure, affect the production result. So, how is the patch processing manufacturer to do a good job of electrostatic protection? Is there a trick? Today, we talk about the patch processing manufacturers are how to do a good job of electrostatic protection, interested friends take a SMAll notebook.

1.. Staff

Before working, employees should check themselves to see if they meet the standards of operation on stage, especially if there are any objects generating static electricity on their bodies, such as plastic bags, which are not allowed. If there are, they should take them down before working.

2., ground wire

Check the grounding wire of your work place, whether it is open or loose, especially after the machine and equipment move, be sure to check again, do not take chances.

3, the use of ion fan

Before using the ion fan, be sure to turn on the switch to check again, to see if it is normal, normal can continue to use, if not normal, to update and maintain in time.

4, clean up

Before operation, the SMT processing factory will require employees to place the electrostatic objects around SMT processing easily, including plastic bags, boxes, tape, personal belongings, etc., at a distance of one meter, or do not carry them. The purpose of this is to reduce accidents and ensure the good rate of processed products. Also, make sure that nothing prone to static electricity is placed in the conducting container.

5. Warning signs

In all places prone to static electricity, such as conductive containers, there should be electrostatic warning signs, if not, it should be put up in time.

Vi. Written consent is required for the use of some equipment

The use of some equipment including detergent, fur, sprayer and solvent must be approved by the person responsible for electrostatic protection in writing. No one is allowed to directly enter the ESD electrostatic protection area without doing a good job on the basis of electrostatic protection, even if it is far away from one meter.

Seven, the staff must wear anti-static equipment

Anyone entering the electrostatic protection area before, should do a good job of protective measures, including wearing anti-static gloves, hats, wrist straps, even if it is contact with the inside of the items to do so, not because of just contact and feel trouble not to do, you know, do not do protection, the consequences will be very serious.

Viii. Persons responsible for electrostatic protection

The person responsible for electrostatic protection has great responsibility in the aspect of electrostatic prevention and must be well closed. Anyone or anything that violates it is prohibited.

Above is the patch processing manufacturers in order to do a good job of anti-static protection work, very tedious, also need to invest a lot of money, so the general small business is difficult to undertake, only formal and professional processing manufacturers will be equipped with perfect. Therefore, if you want to find a patch processing manufacturer, you must find a professional, regular and a certain scale.

SMT patch

2. How to choose high-quality SMT patch manufacturers

1. Degree of professional cooperation

Many people may not understand what this word means. SIMply put, it means that the cooperation between PCB SMT manufacturers and you, whether the products can be delivered within the specified time, whether the quality of PCBA boards can be guaranteed, and whether the defective products can be repaired in time. These are all very important. Therefore, when investigating whether the PCB SMT patch manufacturer is worth cooperating with, it is necessary to talk with the management or even the boss, observe their style and attitude, and learn about the reputation and service of the manufacturer through the third party, so as to determine whether the other party is worth cooperating with and reliable.

3.Quality management system

Some people can not help but say, the manufacturer will certainly have a certain guarantee of product quality, but also form a certain system? Of course. It is understood that most PCB SMT patch manufacturers are some small and medium-sized manufacturers, they do not invest high in quality management, some even only rely on manual inspection, such a quality management system, are you satisfied? Obviously, many people are dissatisfied. But some manufacturers in order to reduce the unit price, temptation customers, and can not increase the invisible consumption, naturally will start from other places, and quality is their most often. For example, reduce the number of QC personnel, not equipped with AOI equipment, so that even if the customer in the inspection, it is difficult to easily find the problem. In this regard, Xiaobian suggests that when customers inspect the manufacturer, they must know in detail whether the warehouse IQC, furnace after inspection and QC series positions exist, whether there is AOI inspection equipment, how many QC personnel, etc., these are understood in place, in order to ensure the perfection of the product.

3, staff style

Staff style also has a certain reference to the selection of PCB SMT manufacturers. For example, if employees work conscientiously and enthusiastically every day, the products they produce will surely be of high quality and even reach the high quality level. There is no more potential for a manufacturer to grow if its employees mourn every day without a smile on their faces or a dead look. After all, the mental outlook of employees determines the qualified rate, quality rate and consistency of products. Whether employees, especially management personnel, are passionate, carefree and meticulous has a great impact. Finally, Xiaobian has a point to rEMInd you, for some of the online selection of PCB SMT patch manufacturers standards, you can refer to, but not as a necessary standard, otherwise it is easy to lead yourself into a dead end.

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