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Automotive PCB printed circuit board Supply chain -- Symbiotic thinking collaborative supply chain innovation
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Automotive PCB printed circuit board Supply chain -- Symbiotic thinking collaborative supply chain innovation

With the advent of the digital age, the advantages of massive data and rich application scenarios need to be brought into play. How to deeply integrate the industrial chain of the automobile industry with the characteristics of the development of The Times has become the focus of the "dual carbon" circuit. With the continuous improvement of automobile safety, comfort and intelligence, PCB (printed circuit board) products are also facing the development of intelligent and green needs. As an experienced PCB (printed circuit board) supply chain management elite, Liu Yongliang has his own unique views on the future development of the industry.


With the development of the automobile industry for more than 200 years, energy emissions, shortage and climate change are gradually affected by it. After China put forward the goal of "dual carbon", the new energy automobile industry has been vigorously promoted. Because of this, the market vitality has been fully stimulated, and the speed and creativity have become the "new game" of the emerging automobile enterprises. Liu Yongliang always believes that even if the convenience of intelligent new energy vehicles can not be denied, but the reliability and safety in the process of car driving is still the first important thing in the manufacturing chain can not be ignored.


Based on the ultimate pursuit of reliability and safety in the automobile manufacturing process, Liu Yongliang chose to switch from the back end of production to the front end of production and became an elite supply chain management with outstanding capabilities. Liu Yongliang has his own logic for the selection of supply chain partners. He believes that the most important thing to consider whether to become a supply chain partner is the win-win and sustainable development of all parties, and mutual support and help in business cooperation in order to achieve the purpose of common development. In addition, the quality of products is also one of the selection criteria of his supply chain partners. Only if the quality of products is up to standard, can we support the sustainable development of all parties. As a supply chain manager, in addition to knowing people and employing people, it is more important to "dare to manage and know how to manage". In the face of difficulties, they also need to have the courage to bear. In Liu Yongliang's work, he once encountered a vicious cycle caused by the lack of funds from his supplier partners in the Philippines. In order to ensure the reliability and safety of all links, Liu Yongliang led the team to assist the supplier partners to carry out continuous improvement. He flew to foreign countries for more than a dozen times and had dozens of communication meetings, which finally solved the urgent needs of the supplier partners and ensured the normal operation of the whole supply chain. Liu Yongliang's teamwork spirit and professional technical support make him move forward all the way and become the object of trust of many suppliers.


The source of trust and reliability is the accumulation of many years along the production chain. While working as a process engineer in the Chemistry Department of AT&S, Liu Yongliang, with years of "front-line" experience, delves into the PLB horizontal electroplating product line and leads and implements a number of optimization solutions excellently. Change the shape of the water knife nozzle to reduce the impact on the sheet metal, increase the length of the copper cylinder entrance roller to ensure that the plate is smoothly clamped by the electroplating fixture to reduce the risk of stuck plate, increase the circuit board detection sensor and automatic stop function of the plate alarm in the middle of the line, reduce the upper roller of the chemical copper cylinder by half and increase the pump to reduce the production of copper particles...... These innovative attempts have not only improved the PLB production line's sheet metal production capacity and reduced the scrap rate of copper particle defects, but also promoted the equipment upgrade and functional improvement of the electroplating line equipment supplier Ammet through knowledge sharing, which has also improved the technology and quality of many PCB manufacturers using Ammet equipment. Liu Yongliang's dedication to study and willingness to share catalyzed the progress of the industry.


In the eyes of his subordinates, Liu Yongliang is an honest and down-to-earth "partner" leader. In the eyes of suppliers, these two qualities have also become synonymous with Liu Yongliang. Only Liu Yongliang himself knows that these valuable qualities are the treasure of his life given to him by his grandfather. It is because of his continuous persistence that he can forge his solid professional background and innovative working ideas.


Facing the new challenges of intelligence in the future, Liu Yongliang will continue to embrace the new challenges given to him by The Times with a pathfinder attitude, in order to make greater contribution to the collaborative innovation of PCB supply chain.

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