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Circuit board recovery
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Circuit board recovery

Billions of PCB boards leave the factory every day around the world. And in every day life, there are tens of millions of tons of waste PCB circuit boards scrapped accumulation. Once there is waste accumulation of circuit boards, it will do great harm to our ecologICal environment and human health. Any circuit board will produce organic pollution.

From a professional point of view, waste printed circuit board is a mixture of glass fiber reinforced resin and a variety of metals, which is a typical electronic waste. If not properly treated and disposed, it will not only cause a large amount of useful resources loss, but also contain a large number of teratogenic, mutagenic and carcinogenic substances such as CADmium and brominated flame retardants, which will cause serious harm to the environment and human health. At present, the recycling and treatment methods of waste circuit boards generally use direct burial, incineration, washing and cracking methods, these methods will have the release of toxic substances, causing serious pollution of the air or soil environment, the national environmental protection policy is not allowed.

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Internationally, the best way to recycle waste PCB circuit boards is physical recycling. The most obvious advantages of this method are low environmental pollution, high comprehensive utilization rate and high added value, which is the inevitable development trend of electronic waste treatment in the future. The disadvantage is that the cost of disposal is higher than incineration or water washing. Due to the large toughness of the waste circuit board, it is difficult to separate metal and non-metal through a crushing, and it contains many kinds of substances, separation and decomposition process is complex, these characteristics determine the recycling of waste pcb circuit board is more difficult.

In electronic waste, although it is difficult to recycle PCB circuit board, it has quite high economic value. The metal taste in the circuit board is equivalent to the metal grade of ordinary minerals in dozens of times to one hundred times, the content of metal up to 40%, the most is copper, in addition to gold, tin, nickel, lead, silicon and other gold Qu, there is no lack of rare metals, and the rich metal in nature, usually the content is only 3-5%.

Because PCB circuit board contains a lot of metal so there is a waste PCB recycling industry. Some people say that gold refining circuit board is profitable, but the main purpose of the circuit board recycling industry is to recover the copper metal in the circuit board. Gold refining has not yet made money by recycling copper metal, because the amount of gold is too SMAll, and copper is a non-renewable resource. In recent years, the price keeps rising, coupLED with the technology of circuit board crushing and sorting equipment is gradually mature, and the MARKet prOSPect is very good.

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After the completion of the metal refining of PCB circuit board, the remaining non-metallic slag powder can also be used as an important filling material in polymer composite materials. In recent years, the popular lipoplastic wood in the domestic market is produced by using PCB circuit board powder; With PCB circuit board powder production of fat plastic wood, can be used in outdoor landscape decoration, in the form of plank road, outdoor floor, guardrail fence, exterior wall decoration board, pavilion, flower box, leisure chair and other products, for the courtyard, park, square, tourist attractions and so on to bring beautiful scenery.

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