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About the implementation of visual management in SMT factory
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About the implementation of visual management in SMT factory

About the implementation of visual management in SMT factory
What is the key requirement for implementing visual management
(1) Explicit management requirements
Management confusion is usually caused by employees' ignorance of management requirements. Management requirements are intuitively expressed through visual management, so that employees can clearly grasp and consciously abide by them. Clear management requirements are the main content of visual management and the most widely used content in visual management. Prompts, warnings, specifications, regulations, requirements and other expressions in the workplace are all sentences, signs, graphics, line drawings, etc., which belong to the content of explicit management requirements, such as the sentence "No Smoking and Fireworks", direction instructions above the escape door, male and female figures on the toilet door, and line drawings on the floor of the production area. The production site of each factory has such clear management requirements, but the visual management requirements will make the clear management requirements standardized, clear, beautiful and thorough.
SMT placement factory implements visual management
(2) Let it be clear at a glance
At a glance, it means that anyone can judge whether the situation is normal, and the judgment results will not vary from person to person. If people do not know the scene, they cannot judge whether the scene is normal, and visual management will lose its significance. In this regard, non professionals should understand the requirements of implementing visual management. For example, if you want to know the pressure in the water pipe, you can install a water pressure gauge, so that you can read the water pressure value through the water pressure gauge, and professionals can judge whether the water pressure is normal according to the reading. However, although other personnel can read the data through the water pressure gauge, they do not know whether the water pressure is normal. If the normal range of water pressure on the water pressure gauge is marked in green and the abnormal range is marked in red, everyone can judge whether the water pressure is normal. For the implementation of visual management, it is not enough to just read data. The key is to be able to clearly judge whether it is normal.
Circuit board


(3) Describe the ideal state
The ideal state is described to clarify the goal. Without a clear goal, the data and conditions we reveal will be meaningless. If we want to reduce the die changing time of a machine tool, we need to reduce it from the current 6 hours to 2 hours within half a year. In this way, we set a reminder beside the machine tool to mark the current mold change time and the mold change time within half a year on the chart, and then draw a straight line between these two points to indicate the target value to be achieved each month. Each time the mold is changed, the time is measured and then marked on the chart. After a period of time, we found that the actual mold change time began to follow the target straight line. This is because the operator understands the goal and works hard. Once the mold change time exceeds the target line, you know that improvement is not enough, and you need to take action to avoid this situation in the future. This is the effect of visual management, that is, by describing the ideal state and defining the goals, to motivate employees. Marking data and status alone is not enough to motivate employees. Without the target value, data and state have no life.
(4) Simplify operations
For many complex and tedious daily tasks, you can consider applying visual management to simplify operations, which can not only improve work efficiency, but also avoid mistakes. The visual management of the generator room in the factory has achieved the effect of simplifying the operation. When multiple engines in the generator room are started, it is necessary to record various operating parameters of each generator every half an hour, and the operation time of each parameter is about one hour. Minutes later, they carried out visual management of the generator room. First, mark the position of each point that needs to be checked and recorded on the generator. At the same time, set the normal and abnormal range of the pointer for all instruments that need to be recorded. When recording, it is only necessary to confirm whether the pointer is within the normal range, without recording the specific value pointed by the pointer. In addition, a routine inspection channel has been set up. When checking and recording, just walk along the point inspection channel to complete the inspection and recording of generator operating parameters. Through these measures, the operation of recording generator operation parameters becomes simpler, and each operation only takes 2 minutes.
SMT patch factory implements visual management
(5) Remind attention and avoid forgetting
The use of visual management to reveal work status can serve as a reminder to avoid mistakes caused by forgetting. For example, we use various forms in our work, which can be placed in a file cabinet. It often happens that when we run out of a form, we may realize that we should copy the necessary quantity of inventory before the form runs out. If we put the original of this form at the end and put a copy of the reminder paper before the original, we can avoid completely using up the form. For example, the consumables of some mechanical equipment need to be replaced regularly, such as lubricating oil, screening program, belts, etc. If we can set up a bulletin board beside the equipment to instruct the final replacement time and the next planned replacement time of consumables, we can avoid possible damage to the equipment due to failure to replace consumables in time.

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