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Pcb factory: explanation of new features of PCB substrate material development
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Pcb factory: explanation of new features of PCB substrate material development

Pcb factory: explanation of new features of PCB substrate material development

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers explain to you the new features of PCB substrate material development

At present, due to the rapid development of HDI multilayer boards, PCB substrate materials have formed more new features. It is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

(1) Diversification of substrate material products

HDI multilayer board, which first appeared more than ten years ago, is characterized by breaking the formation of traditional products of substrate materials for multilayer boards. Since then, the substrate material for HDI multilayer board is no longer the traditional "resin+glass fiber cloth" product. The variety of products endows greater space for substrate material technology creation. The technologies such as liquid resin acting as insulating layer, insulating film forming, other reinforced fiber (non glass solder) composite technology, filler application technology, resin coated copper foil technology, copper bump technology attached to the semi solidified sheet, copper clad laminate thinning technology, etc. are constantly emerging and developing.

multilayer board

(2) Diversification of a class of substrate materials

HDI multilayer board has a wide range of application fields, which makes different electronic product application fields have different emphasis on the performance requirements of the substrate materials used. As a result, in a class of substrate material products, according to the different application fields, several varieties with slightly prominent differences in performance have been derived. Some world famous large CCL manufacturers have formed a product series in a class of high-performance copper clad laminate. There are many varieties in this series. Each variety highlights one or two performance index values to correspond to various HDI multilayer boards required.

(3) Manufacturer characterization of substrate materials

The substrate material for HDI multilayer board has the characteristics of high technology content and outstanding application processability. This is more suitable for substrate material manufacturers to develop their own distinctive products. It has become a trend this year to play the "trump card" of characteristic tea agricultural products to compete for and stick to the high-performance CCL market.

(4) Pursue the equalization of substrate material properties

Pursuing the balance of substrate material performance is the "eternal theme" in the development of substrate materials. But it has different contents and requirements in different development periods. The development of objects is always in the process of breaking the original balance and creating a new balance. Each time a relatively perfect new balance is created, it is actually a technological progress. This principle is also applicable to the development of substrate materials.

The characteristic balance of CCL products is reflected in the perfect balance of the main basic performance, processing and application performance and cost performance specified in the product standards. They are the three indispensable "supporting points" for achieving balance. Achieving excellent processing and application performance is a deeper performance of product commonweal development technology. If a newly developed substrate material product does not have excellent cost, it will not be able to stand and develop in the market competition.

Grasp the needs of different levels of the substrate material market, accurately control which key projects and indicators CCL should achieve, and which project indicators should be improved; Understand the scope of its main performance requirements ("performance depth");, Deeply understand the relationship between application and processing and the main performance required by these standards - solving the above problems will have an important impact on the performance balance of the three "supporting points" in the development of new products of substrate materials.

(5) The rapid release of new products of substrate materials

This year, the pace of the whole machine electronic products in upgrading, opening up new functions, new markets and other aspects is accelerating. In order to adapt to this new trend, HDI multilayer boards also need CCL manufacturers that provide substrate materials for HDI to speed up the research and development of new products. This has made the world's high-performance substrate materials into the market in recent years significantly faster. The development of featured products and serialized products will help improve the development speed of new products of substrate materials. PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers will explain to you the new features of PCB substrate material development.

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