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Explanation of soft board and soft electronic market situation
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Explanation of soft board and soft electronic market situation

Explanation of soft board and soft electronIC MARKet situation

Circuit board manufacturers, circuit board designers and PCBA manufacturers explain the situation of the soft board and soft electronics market

Recently, soft electronics has become a hot topic in the scientific and technological circles. It seems that it has been recognized as the next wave of emerging industrial technology after semiconductors and displays. The discussion and research topics at home and abroad continue, which is no less than the grand occasion of nanotechnology in previous years. Soft board technology was also popular in the past few years due to the trend of mobile communication products, and its charm is still a hot topic in the industry. Many people have invested in the soft board industry. Since flexible electronics emphasizes flexibility and light weight and thin type, which is the same as the product characteristics demanded by soft board, is there a certain correlation between them?

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One of the reasons for the development of soft electronics comes from the arrival of the aging society. There is an intense demand for home and distance care. It emphasizes the arrival of the era of personal personality life. Life is convenient, information and communication actions and integration. Finally, the concept of sustainable home is gradually formed. The idea of pursuing convenience and nature has become a trend. Therefore, integrated technology combining sEMIconductor electronics and display technology was born. In the past, China has invested considerable effort in the above secondary technologies, and has already operated on a certain scale. In addition, the traditional chemical industry and plastic polymer material industry, which have achieved the national economic and construction achievements in the past, have been fully mature. Combining these two technologies, such as using the technical point of view to explain that the development of soft electronics in China has actually established a complete foundation. This is an integrated technology that will expand the overall application by combining the flexibility of polymer materials with semiconductor and display technology. In essence, soft electronics have the so-calLED F4 feature, that is, Flexible to Use - wearable electronic products that conform to human factors engineering, and have the characteristics of taking action immediately and living information. Flexible to design - The application product has a high degree of freedom in design and a freer shape design, such as a scroll display, which can be used for multi-functional integrated design, such as the integrated design of photoelectric and sensing. Flexible to Assembly - The fully plastic soft appearance meets the safety requirements. Because of the characteristics of cutting any size, it can be elastically applied to all kinds of products. Flexible to Manufacture – It is flexible and easy to manufacture and produce in a roll to roll manner, which is helpful to the SIMplicity and stability of manufacturing.

The biggest feature of FPC is its high flexibility. The main demands of rain and soft electricity are the same, but in terms of actual technical content, the two are very different. Soft board is only a flexible electronic component substrate. Although it can bear active and passive components on its surface, the lines or components formed by it are all made of inorganic materials and process technology. This is quite different from the main demand of soft power that emphasizes full plasticized materials. The only difference is that both of them are suitable for polymer plastic materials, However, in addition to the common requirements for flexibility, some characteristics of this substrate are stricter than those of soft plate substrate.

Because the characteristics of soft board are quite similar to those of soft electricity, it gives you unlimited imagination. It is believed that there should be a considerable degree of correlation between the two technologies, but in fact, there are great differences between the two technologies. However, soft electricity does take soft board to emphasize the design concept of flexible and light weight and thin type. There are some similarities in the base material and manufacturing process, but the actual connotation is quite different. The soft board industry has entered a mature development period. We hope to find another way out for the soft board industry that has nearly matured in the industry chain. Soft power is just entering the embryonic stage, and related technologies are still in the trial stage. There is a huge space for technological development, no matter materials, equipment and systems are still to be developed. In particular, the progress in research and development of new materials is the key to the success of soft power. Therefore, from the perspective of research and development and technology trends, It is a new field worth trying to develop soft electrical materials with soft boards. PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA processors will explain the situation of the soft board and soft electronics market.

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