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Integrated circuit has a good situation, PCB board reading meets the opportunity
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Integrated circuit has a good situation, PCB board reading meets the opportunity

Integrated circuit has a good situation, PCB board reading meets the opportunity

Circuit board manufacturing, circuit board design, PCBA processing manufacturers explain the situation of integrated circuit, and PCB copy is good to meet the opportunity

Globally, the growth rate of integrated circuit industry is slowing down, but China is still a high-tech industry with huge space. Especially in recent years, China's integrated circuit industry has continued to grow rapidly, and the Chinese market has become one of the main driving forces for the growth of the global integrated circuit market. However, although the market is broad, China's IC core technology is still relatively lacking. As a rising star, China's IC wants to relieve competitive pressure and quickly catch up with foreign countries. Merger and acquisition is regarded as an effective way. In fact, the introduction, digestion and reabsorption of PCB copy technology is also a shortcut.

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Opportunities of IC Industry in China

From the perspective of the evolution pattern of the global integrated circuit industry, as the downstream market is now concentrated in China, the integrated circuit industry will inevitably be concentrated in China. Huang Qing, general manager of Huadeng International said. "The global semiconductor industry is growing by 5% to 8% every year, but China is 25% every year. China has become the main battlefield of the world semiconductor industry, with great potential." With the benefit of both policies and funds, China has formed an integrated circuit that has begun to take shape. Whether in the field of chip design, manufacturing process, packaging and testing, there are relatively excellent enterprises as representatives. In terms of data, the overall revenue of China's integrated circuits was 306.6 billion yuan, up 27.7% year on year, and the net profit was 18.56 billion yuan, up 13.6% year on year.; In the first quarter, the revenue was 75.2 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 24.3%, and the net profit was 4.18 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 17.7%. The data shows that the development of China's integrated circuit industry is getting better, which will also promote the rapid rise of the PCB copying industry.

PCB board reading helps China's IC development to rise from behind

As a major manufacturer of electronic products in the world, China's electronic information industry has rapidly improved its global position in recent years, and its industrial chain has become increasingly mature, which undoubtedly provides opportunities for the development of China's integrated circuit industry. China's integrated circuit industry is ushering in a new golden development period. How can domestic enterprises seize this opportunity? Technical level and innovation ability are still key. PCB copy technology, through the reverse research of existing electronic products, can digest and absorb their excellent design and manufacturing processes, internalize them into their own strength, and then combine their own innovation elements to carry out forward research and development. This reverse technology means can not only rapidly improve the relevant technical level, but also provide technical support and reference for forward research and development, which can effectively reduce research and development costs and shorten the research and development cycle.

Based on the unique local market and the innovation opportunities currently faced, it is entirely possible for China's integrated circuit industry to overtake at corners. Competition and transcendence are the norm in the semiconductor field all over the world. If China's integrated circuits want to come from behind, they need to adjust their strategic layout according to their own national conditions and make key breakthroughs in their own areas of advantage. PCB board reading technology starts from reverse thinking and promotes the improvement of positive design capability through reverse research. Under the national conditions of China's lack of core IC technology, it is undoubtedly an acceleration channel. Combined with the huge domestic market and the positive growth of local R&D enterprises, China's integrated circuit industry can completely achieve technological overtaking and change the existing industrial pattern through efforts.

PCB manufacturing, PCB design and PCBA processing manufacturers will explain the good situation of integrated circuits and welcome opportunities for PCB copying.

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