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The circuit board manufacturer explained how to contact the customer
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The circuit board manufacturer explained how to contact the customer

The circuit board manufacturer explained how to contact the customer

circuit board manufacturers, circuit board designers and PCBA manufacturers explain how to contact customers

What if the PCB supplied by our company is defective?

The 21st century is a century of interconnection of all things, whICh is why in this interconnected society, it is more meaningful to have more friends than to have more customers. Who is the customer? Is it just the person who ordered you and paid you to buy something? No, the meaning of customers is definitely more than that. They can become our friends, or even relatives, depending on how we view them.

Let me talk with you about my feelings, and invite everyone to treat each customer as their friend, and learn to turn customers into friends.

1: Find common topics and interests to build trust

It is important to find common topics and interests to build trust. Because we have never met before, we can only maintain our trust through email, telephone contact and meeting in the exhibition. This insecure sense of trust makes it difficult for customers to place orders with us and pay us. Therefore, we must establish a trust relationship with our customers, which is friendly and in-depth. The most important question now is how we can do this. First of all, we should introduce the company, prove its strength and send it to our target customers to help them better understand our company; Secondly, we also need to understand the customer's interests, habits, personality and other personality factors in the conversation with customers, such as some customers love travel, some love sports, some love news, some love collections and music, etc. Thirdly, we need to observe the customer's time and feelings during the chat. If there is a gap in emotional communication, you can use the Internet to understand the other person's background and habits, so that the other person thinks you are SIMilar to him and have common interests. In this way, guests can chat with you and make friends.

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2: Focus on families and influence customers.

Customers usually like to share their families, especially all about children. But we need more effective communication.

The first is to talk about family with customers, especially about children. Of course, as the saying goes, "all relaxation is moderate", we need to grasp the depth of chatting, not dig into other people's privacy, and ensure that customers are willing to share their lives with us. This is a good way to keep in touch with customers

We should try to remember the names of customers' children, even their parents and their pets, and often greet each other. If the customer's family member is ill, we can also express our concern and blessing. If you don't remember everything, you can take notes on your laptop or computer. Memos are really a good thing.

3: Share your life

You can share your travel photos, family and company photos with customers, so that they can better understand us and yourself, and easily establish a complete customer profile.

4: Hot spot of current affairs

Pay attention to hot news, especially news about special events, accidents, disasters (such as earthquake, flood, strike, economic crisis, etc.). We can send email to customers immediately after learning the news for warm tips or condolences.

5: Create surprises

We can know the birthday of the customer through the hotel customer who once lived in when the customer visited. Of course, we can also ask the customer directly. On our birthday, we send messages or greeting cards to customers, which is a very warm move and will also bring customers closer to us.

Alternatively, gifts can be used to build trust. You can recommend some local specialties and snacks to new and old customers wherever they go. These recommendations and gifts will make customers feel that we are very careful and that your relationship is a private friendship. In addition, if the customer's time allows, we can have dinner with them. But because of our personal relationship, we usually don't eat together.

6: Even rain and dew

Pay equal attention to those customers who have never placed an order, even those foreign friends who do not work in the PCB industry who have not placed an order. But if you want to make more friends, perhaps they can provide you with some important information, or even recommend customers to us. You can share some positive and inSPIring stories with customers, so that it is easier to chat with these friends, It is also often easier to obtain rich information.

7: Mutual learning

We can learn from customers, regard customers as teachers, and ask them modestly when you don't understand the problem. Tell him that you are still a novice and many professional questions are still unclear. Ask him if our communication is comfortable. If you are gentle and modest, guests will be happy to help us.

8: Share happiness and grow happily! Let's work happily and enjoy life! Struggle!

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers will explain how PCB manufacturers can contact customers.

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