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Pcb factory discusses the significance of power electronic technology rectifier circuit in detail
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Pcb factory discusses the significance of power electronic technology rectifier circuit in detail

Pcb factory: a brief talk on the rectifier circuit in power electronic technology

1、 Application of Power Electronics Technology

Power electronics technology is a new technology, which is composed of electricity, electronics and control theory. It has become an indispensable professional basic course with strong professional foundation and close connection with production in the electrical automation specialty. This course reflects the control of weak current over strong current, and has strong practicality. Being able to integrate theory with practice, it plays an important role in training automation professionals. It includes the structure and classification of thyristor, over-voltage and over-current protection methods of thyristor, controllable rectifier circuit, thyristor active inverter circuit, thyristor passive inverter circuit, PWM control technology, AC voltage regulation, DC chopper and the working principle of frequency conversion circuit.

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In the power electronics technology, the controllable rectifier circuit is a very important chapter. The rectifier circuit is a circuit that converts alternating current into direct current, and its application is very extensive. Power electronic devices are used for speed regulation of various DC motors widely used in industry; Rectified power electronics technology is also widely used in electrified railways (electric locomotives, maglev trains, etc.), electric vehicles, aircraft, ships, elevators and other transportation vehicles; All kinds of electronic devices, such as the DC power supply used by the program-controlled exchange in the communication equipment, the working power supply required by the large computer, and the power supply inside the microcomputer, can be powered by the DC power supply composed of the rectifier circuit. It can be said that where there is power, there is power electronic technology equipment.

2、 Rectifier Circuit in Power Electronics Technology Course

Rectification circuit can be divided into uncontrollable, half controlled and full controlled rectifier circuits according to different components. Half controlled and full controlled rectifier circuits are mainly composed of thyristor semiconductor devices; According to the circuit wiring mode, it can be divided into bridge type and zero type rectifier circuit; According to the number of AC input phases, it can be divided into single-phase and multi-phase (mainly three-phase) rectifier circuits.

Circuit board manufacturers, circuit board designers and PCBA manufacturers explain the rectifier circuit in power electronics technology.

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