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Circuit board manufacturer's description: various bitterness of running circuit board factory
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Circuit board manufacturer's description: various bitterness of running circuit board factory

Circuit board manufacturer's description: various bitterness of running circuit board factory

The bosses who run a circuit board factory, on the surface, seem to be prosperous, but the pain and sufferings behind entrepreneurship are all tears

1. "Lose all your money" to buy equipment

The circuit board process is tedious and complex. A circuit board factory needs to purchase a batch of equipment such as exposure machine, etching machine, AOI inspection machine, punching machine, laminating machine, shooting machine, edge milling machine, drilling machine, copper sinking wire, electroplating line, green oil grinding line, pre and post treatment line, surface treatment equipment, etc. Even for small factories, the investment in this aspect will often be millions if they choose to buy or not to buy equipment.

If you want to buy equipment with higher accuracy, it is normal to buy a machine with millions or even millions.

Obviously, I can live a smart life with money, but I chose to "lose all my property" to invest a lot of equipment to make a beautiful board.

2. Burnout insurance order

The factory is open, and the key to its development depends on whether there are orders.

If you don't have the willpower to persist, it is common that you don't eat the next meal.

Especially in the general environment of economic downturn, the market competition is more intense. In order to get orders, many owners of small and medium-sized circuit board factories work hard during the day and drink hard at night to discuss orders.

circuit board

They are exhausted to order!

3. Manage by yourself

The boss of the circuit board factory is known as General Manager Zhang, General Manager Li and General Manager Wang... In fact, he is a versatile worker who knows the process, understands the technology, talks about contracts, delivers goods, and socializes... What he cares about is selling white powder, and what he earns is selling cabbage.

It takes a lot of hard work to forge iron. If you can't make it yourself, don't expect others to make it for you. You don't know how much we can't see behind those enterprises that can grow and grow.

A truth in the entrepreneurial period: hurry to work!

4. Spending money is like water, making money is hard to reach the sky

When we buy materials and equipment for circuit boards, we can spend money at our beck and call; However, when asking customers for money, they may face various arrears and deductions, and it is difficult to earn some money. However, all kinds of rent, water and electricity, equipment, materials, maintenance, labor, and activity expenses are indispensable.

All kinds of costs are too high to hurt!


How many nights did the boss of the circuit board factory who just started ponder alone; How many times have employees stayed up all night to get their salaries on time; How many times have employees made mistakes and silently assumed responsibility... but how many people understand themselves? Employees think you are selfish, and your family complains about your indifference. Many people are full of misunderstanding and complaints about you.

No one understands your inner helplessness, and no human body can feel your inner loneliness!

But the road is chosen by ourselves, and we should walk down even when kneeling.

Don't complain, don't be discouraged, clench your teeth, stand up and stick to it!

We should believe that as long as we pay enough effort and perseverance, the thorns will become flowers and the rough roads will become smooth.

We also call on the employees of the circuit board factory, since they have engaged in this profession, to work together with the boss~

Now the industry has a promising prospect and a vast market. It's a pleasure for everyone to work together to make the factory prosperous, to have meat to eat together, to have money to spend, and to be proud of both career and life!

Circuit board manufacturers, circuit board designers and PCBA processors will explain the difficulties of running a circuit board factory.

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