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Look at PCB multi-layer flexible board for glue removal
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Look at PCB multi-layer flexible board for glue removal

PCB component surface cleaning and dust removal

When plasma PCB technology is applied to cleaning, due to the extremely high speed of particles in the plasma, it can effectively remove impurities particles attached to the surface, and its purification effect is better than that of conventional treatment systems. At the same time, the plasma can uniformly activate the surface, improve the surface energy, and thus reliably improve the adhesion ability of the surface.

This PCB process can conduct continuous "online" processing on the entire surface or in a local area at a very high speed. If a manipulator is used to control the spray gun, it can also achieve local treatment effects that are accurate to the point, and can purify, activate and coat extremely fine contours.

Process features: the particles in the plasma have a 

pcb board

very high speed, which can effectively remove the impurity particles attached to the surface;

It can conduct continuous "online" treatment on the whole surface or in a local area at a very high speed;

Capable of purifying, activating and coating extremely fine contours;

The plasma treatment technology was used to clean LCD glass, and the waste rate was successfully reduced to less than 1%

No solvent is needed, so it is more environmentally friendly;

It can purify and activate the surface effect, and the deep cleaning ability and activation ability can make the heat applied subsequently

The melt adhesive can well adhere to the substrate;]

Multilayer flexible plate

Glue removal slag, soft and hard bonding plate glue removal slag, FR-4 height thickness diameter ratio microporous glue removal slag:

Improve the binding force between the hole wall and the copper plating layer, remove the glue residue thoroughly, improve the on-off reliability, and prevent the open circuit after the inner copper plating;

Surface modification and activation of pore wall of PTFE high-frequency microwave plate before copper deposition:

Improve the binding force between the hole wall and the copper plating layer, and eliminate the occurrence of black holes, holes and other phenomena. Resistance welding and character front plate activation:

Effectively prevent solder mask characters from falling off;

The through-hole and blind/buried hole of HDI plate laser are used to remove the carbide burned by laser. It is not subject to the requirement of pore size, and the effect of micropores with pore size less than 50 microns is more obvious;

Remove dry film residues (remove film clips) when making fine lines;

The PI surface is roughened before the lamination of soft and hard bonding plates and before the reinforcement of flexible plates: the tension value can be increased by more than 10 times;

The surface of PCB board is cleaned before packaging, and the gold wire is pretreated to improve the connection strength and reliability.

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