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Principles and Basis of Application of ISO 9000 Series Standards in SMT Production  ​
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Principles and Basis of Application of ISO 9000 Series Standards in SMT Production ​

Principles and Basis of ApplICation of ISO 9000 Series Standards in SMT Production

SMT is a comprehensive engineering technology involving various technologies and disciplines. Its production requires high quality and is difficult to process.

Total quality management refers to the economic development, development, production and sales of products that satisfy customers by all employees and all departments of the enterprise working together and comprehensively using management technology, professional technology and scientific methods.

quality management system 

① Cognition of TQM principles in STM production.

Focus on customers, and pursue to constantly meet the needs of customers, MARKets and society. Enterprises rely on customers to survive. Understanding customers' current needs and paying attention to customers' future needs are the guarantee for enterprises to remain invincible; Satisfying customers is the basic guarantee. Only by exceeding customer expectations can customers be satisfied and enterprises have development potential.

People oriented, pay attention to the training, education, participation and motivation of personnel. The operation of an enterprise depends on the full participation of personnel at all levels and all personnel in order to make their talents bring maximum benefits to the enterprise.

Clarify the quality policy and objectives, and continuously improve the quality. Continuous improvement and continuous improvement of the overall performance of the enterprise is an eternal goal of the enterprise. Members of the enterprise should take continuous improvement as the goal, but continuous improvement should have feasible methods and means and clear goals.


Build an effective management system. The output of one process often directly affects the input of the next process. Systematic identification and management of the links and interactions between processes will help enterprises improve the effectiveness and efficiency of achieving goals.

Implement the control of the whole process. By managing activities and related resources as processes, the expected results can be obtained more efficiently.

Follow the working procedure of PDCA cycle. PDCA (i.e. planning, implementation, inspection and improvement) keeps circulating, and product quality keeps improving.

Use effective technology and methods based on facts. Effective decision-making is based on data and information, and obtaining accurate, reliable and sufficient data and information is the prEMIse of effective decision-making.

Carefully evaluate and control the quality cost and establish a mutually beneficial relationship with the supplier. Enterprises and suppliers are interdependent. Adhering to the principle of mutual benefit is the basis for maintaining the relationship. Mutual benefit can enhance the ability of both parties to create value.

② Cognition of the basis of quality management system in SMT production.

Establishing a good quality management system can help enterprises or manufacturers to produce products that can better obtain customer satisfaction. The quality management system requirements shall be a supplement to the product requirements. The basic points of establishing quality management system in SMT production include the following.

Basic idea: all services for users, prevention first, all speak with data, and all staff participate in management.

Basic methods: control factors rather than end problem management; Emphasize the role of top management; Establish policies and objectives; Strengthen the quality awareness of employees and stimulate their enthusiasm and participation.

Basic principles: systematic and procedural management, necessary document support, systematic management process, system documents, work procedures, document control, records, etc.

Basic relationship with other management systems: The quality management system is a part of the organization's management system. It focuses on the results related to the quality objectives, and maintains an integrity with all parts of the organization's management system.

Basic operation mode: based on the process, following the PDCA (i.e. planning, implementation, inspection and improvement) operation mode, the organization system is continuously improved and perfected in its own operation through internal audit and management review.

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers will explain the principles and foundations of the application of ISO 9000 series standards in SMT production.

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