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The importance of PCBA panel proofing and the reasons and solutions of welding bridge connection in the process of proofing
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The importance of PCBA panel proofing and the reasons and solutions of welding bridge connection in the process of proofing

PCBA proofing is the most frequently asked chance ratio in our customer consultation. Can you make samples by PCBA? What's the minimum quantity you can sample? Of course, there are also many new customers for PCBA proofing board is not very understanding. Always consult some: can you PCBA proofing ah? Do you make samples by assembling? How do you charge for PCBA board proofing?

Today, Kingford Xiaobian will share with you the knowledge about PCBA board proofing and what are the advantages of board proofing.

1, time is money in the current society, in order to be more efficient and ensure the quality of products. A predictive guarantee of the quality of PCBA products. First of all, the most effective process in PCBA is to make samples first. Not only can improve the production efficiency, but also can reduce the production cost.

PCBA makeup

2, the board proofing is a big advantage to reduce the production cost, because the PCBA board for the whole PCBA processing process will be much less. Such as handling, SMT SMT line times and so on. Because it is also a process to mount 1/pcs into the machine. No matter it is 20 pieces or 10 pieces, the production efficiency is undoubtedly to maximize the use of production resources and improve the efficiency of production.

The most important thing is that PCBA panel proofing is also of great benefit to our front-end engineering. They can better participate in the production of customers' products and better understand the production difficulty and process difficulty of customers' products. It is of great benefit to the quality of subsequent product production. Such early participation helps to control production risks and improve customer satisfaction.

PCBA processing

3, entering the process of PCBA processing and proofing in advance can minimize the quality problems that may be encountered in mass production. After all, to ensure a good reputation for a company is the most important thing. In particular, PCBA sampling must be completed after 9 testing procedures and a number of processing procedures. Therefore, the plan in front of us is the premise of doing a lot of things. PCBA board proofing is even more so.

4, the reasons for welding bridge connection in the process of PCBA proofing and solutions

Now the volume requirements of electronic products are getting smaller and smaller, PCBA processing also needs to pay close attention to the problems in welding. For example, bridging is a common trap when solder flows directly over the connector at high temperatures, resulting in bridging. Bridging may occur at different stages of the PCBA proofing process. What's the connection? How do you avoid bridging? Today, Kingford Xiaobian and you understand the relevant knowledge of bridge connection.

Causes of bridge connection:

1.PCB design problem: In the process of PCBA sampling, large and heavy components are placed on the same side, resulting in uneven PCB weight distribution and tilt.

2. The direction of the component is stuck backwards

3. The design of development space between gaskets lacks redundancy

4. The setting of temperature curve of reflow welding furnace is not scientific

5. The pressure setting of the patch is not reasonable

The solution:

1. Printed circuit board design: strictly implement the scientific design planning of printed circuit board, reasonably distribute the weight on both sides of the components, reasonably arrange the pores and through holes, adjust the distance between dense components, increase the welding film, etc.

2, reflow welding furnace temperature change curve: in PCBA processing from a literal sense, liquid solder in melting, the temperature requirements of the higher end of the solder activity is higher. If the reflow temperature curve can be set some unreasonable, will directly lead to the disorderly development of the flow of solder paste. Increases the chance of bridging.

PCBA processing

3. Select solder paste printing machine: Solder paste printing machine does not need to apply solder paste through steel mesh, which reduces the phenomenon of poor solder paste contact coating caused by unscientific template opening, steel mesh warping, and steel mesh separation.

4. Reasonable control of the amount of solder paste: reasonable control of the amount of solder paste, reduce the problem of excessive solder paste and high collapse fluidity.

5. Suitable anti-welding film: Suitable anti-welding film helps to reduce the risk of welding bridge

The above is the summary content of Kingford Xiaobian, hoping to help you solve the existing problems. At the same time, if you have processing cooperation needs, you can contact us, we have many years of processing experience, and a number of processes to ensure that the product can be delivered to customers with quality and quantity, Kingford for more information about the industry.

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