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Introduction to PCB CCL board level
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Introduction to PCB CCL board level

The following is about the PCB CCL board level:

1. FR-4 Grade A1 copper clad laminate This grade is mainly used in military, communICations, computers, digital circuits, industrial instruments, automotive circuits and other electronic products. The quality of this series of products has completely reached the world-class level, which is the highest grade and best performance product of PCB company.

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2. FR-4 Grade A2 copper clad plate This grade is mainly used for ordinary computers, instruments and meters, advanced household appliances and general electronic products. This series of CCL is widely used, and all performance indicators can meet the needs of PCB industrial electronic products. Very good price performance ratio. It can effectively improve the price competitiveness of customers.

3. FR-4 A3 copper clad plate This grade of copper clad plate is a FR-4 product developed and produced by PCB company specifically for the home appliance industry, computer peripheral products and ordinary electronic products (such as toys, calculators, game consoles, etc.). It is characterized by its competitive price on the prEMIse that the performance meets the requirements.

4. FR-4 Grade AB copper clad laminate This grade of PCB is a low-grade product unique to PCB companies. However, various performance indicators can still meet the needs of ordinary household appliances, computers and general electronic products. Their prices are the most competitive, and the performance price ratio is also quite excellent.

5. FR-4 Grade B copper clad plate This grade of plate belongs to the secondary product of PCB company, with poor quality stability. It is not applicable to PCB products with large area, but generally applicable to products with size of 100mm × 200mm. It is the cheapest, but customers should pay attention to choose to use it.

6. CEM-3 series copper clad plate This kind of product PCB company produces three base material colors, namely white, black and natural color. It is mainly used in computers, LED industry, clocks, general household appliances and general electronic products (such as VCD, DVD, toys, game machines, etc.). Its main feature is good punching performance, suitable for large quantities of PCB products requiring stamping process. This series of products have three quality levels of A1, A2 and A3. Customers with different requirements can choose to use them.

7. Black base color copper clad laminate for all kinds of clocks and watches This series of products has three quality grades: A1, A2, A3. There are FR-4 and G10 copper clad laminate. Its thickness, blackness, solubility and other quality indicators fully meet the requirements of watches and clocks. The quality of such plates of A1 series has reached the world-class level, and many advanced quartz watches abroad use this series of plates. The quality of A3 products reaches the quality level required by ordinary clocks and watches, and the price is the most competitive.

8. Multilayer board materials PCB companies provide customers with the following multilayer materials: 1) semi solidified sheets (1080, 2116, 7628, etc.), 2) copper foils (0.5 OZ, 1.0 OZ, 1.5 OZ, 2.0 OZ, 3OZ, etc.), 3) release films, and 4) special kraft paper for lamination.

9. High performance aluminum based copper clad laminate

10. High Tg value copper clad plate, high CTI (compared with leakage tracking index) copper clad plate, etc.

This article is about the introduction of PCB CCL board level in the production of PCB companies

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