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Preparation before and after PCBA sample making
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Preparation before and after PCBA sample making

PCBA proofing refers to the trial production of printed circuit boards before batch production. It is mainly used for the process of small batch trial production to circuit board factories after electronic engineers have planned the circuit and finished making PCBA, that is, PCBA proofing. The following describes the preparation required before PCBA proofing.

PCBA board has a brief and messy, simple PCB board since it is not necessary to say that proofing is very easy, but if it is messy circuit board proofing should be careful, if in the process of PCBA proofing without relevant detection tools detection, if there is a problem, such as PCB board to do it is too late to find. Therefore, we must make full preparation before proofing.

Preparatory work required before PCBA sample making

1, physical border production

Closed physical frame for the future component layout, PCBA proofing is a basic channel, must pay attention to accuracy, and is the best corner with arc, not only can avoid being scratched by sharp corners, but also can reduce the stress effect.

2. Introduce the components and network, and arrange the components

In PCBA proofing, WHEN the components and network are drawn into a good frame, we must carefully follow the prompts to operate, including the packaging form of components, component network problems. Because of the control prompt, it is not easy to produce problems. The layout of components and wiring during PCBA proofing have a great impact on product life, stability and electromagnetic compatibility, which should be paid special attention to. Generally speaking, there should be the following principles: placement order, pay attention to heat dissipation.

3. PCBA planning and wiring and adjusting and perfecting

In PCBA planning wiring, it is best to pay attention to the requirements of processing parameters, or to the reliable PCBA proofing manufacturers, the rate of defective products will be greatly reduced. After the end of PCB planning and wiring, what to do is to make some adjustments to the text, individual components, wiring and copper application (this operation should not be too early, otherwise it will affect the speed, and bring trouble to PCB planning and wiring), also to facilitate production, debugging and maintenance.

PCBA proofing

4. Check the network

Sometimes, due to misoperation or neglect, the network connection of the drawn PCB board is different from the schematic diagram. At this time, it is necessary to check and verify. Therefore, after finishing the drawing, we should check it first, and then carry out the follow-up homework.

The above is the introduction of the preparation work required before PCBA proofing. I hope it can help you. At the same time, if you want to know more about PCBA proofing information and common sense, you can pay attention to the update of Jingxin Electronics.

In the PCBA proofing industry, processing circuit boards are widely used in China. Pollutants will occur in the production process of printed circuit boards, including residues of flux and adhesive, as well as pollutants such as dust and debris in the production process. If the pcb board can not ensure the appearance of clean, then will produce resistance and leakage will lead to the failure of PCBA proofing circuit board, thus affecting the service life of the products produced. Therefore, in the production process to clean the PCBA circuit board is an important step, the majority of PCBA processing industry personnel to carefully check and clean, the following Jingxin electronics Xiaobian to give you a detailed explanation of the process of cleaning the circuit board and tips.

Cleaning PCBA proofing out of the circuit board tips:

The use of semi-water cleaning mainly choose organic solvent and deionized water, plus the quantity of active agent, additives composed of cleaning agent. This kind of cleaning is between solvent cleaning and water cleaning. These cleaners are organic solvents, flammable solvents, high flash point, low toxicity, safe to use, but must be washed with water, and then dried, the use of other cleaning agents can not ensure safety and product cleanliness.

Water purification skills are the development direction of future clean skills. It is necessary to establish pure water source and discharge water treatment workshop. Taking water as cleaning medium, adding surface active agent, auxiliary agent, corrosion inhibitor and chelating agent in water, constitutes a series of water-based cleaning agent. Can remove aqueous solvents and non-polar contaminants.

For welding process without cleaning flux or solder paste, directly into the next process of cleaning after welding, no longer free cleaning skills is currently the most commonly used replacement skills, especially mobile communication products are basically a one-time application method to replace ODS. Solvent cleaning is mainly used to remove contaminants by solvent dissolution. Solvent cleaning requires simple equipment because of its rapid volatilization and strong solubility.

PCBA proofing

The above three cleaning skills can achieve certain cleaning effects so that the product surface can be cleaner, but how to quickly and effectively clean the pcb board? The application of ultrasonic cleaning machine can be solved. It uses UHF to convert into kinetic energy in the liquid medium, cavitation effect occurs, forming countless small bubbles, and then impact the surface of the object, so that the surface dirt falls, so as to achieve the role of cleaning. Because it is through the liquid, as long as the liquid can contact the appearance of the appearance can be cleaned in place, leaving no dead space.

It can work on every surface of multiple objects simultaneously. It is very useful and fast, capable of cleaning in about 15 minutes. One advantage of using ultrasonic cleaning is that it can be useful for recovery, improve the ability of pads and components, and reduce electromagnetic interference.

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