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Common defects and preventive measures of RCF type pcb milling cutter in production
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Common defects and preventive measures of RCF type pcb milling cutter in production

RCF type pcb milling cutter is the most common type of milling cutter in printed circuit board processing, and it is also the most common type of milling cutter produced by pcb milling cutter enterprises. However, due to some of its defects, the product yield in the production process is reduced, making the production cost higher, so what is the cause of the defects and how to control the defects are the problems we should pay attention to.

1. Wrong blade shape

Edge type error refers to the inconsistency between the rcf type pcb milling cutter and the requirements, such as the requirement that 6 left-handed blades are required, but the actual processing is only 5 left-handed blades, so that the pcb milling cutter produced is completely a waste product, and for example, the requirement is that the rcf type pcb milling cutter is required to open the fishtail mouth, but the actual did not open.

Reason: The main reason for this defect is that the production operator does not strictly implement the process procedures in the production process, such as less opening a left-handed blade is caused by the carelessness of the process personnel when looking at the drawing.


Preventive measures: Process personnel and production operators must carefully review the product drawings, calculate each parameter in the product, and strictly in accordance with the standards of product drawings to produce, you can eliminate such defects.

2. Blade breakage

The criterion for determining the edge of RCF type pcb milling cutter is that the blade notch is greater than or equal to 1/2 of the edge depth or edge width value, or the opening is seriously broken and has multiple edge phenomenon.

Reasons: The main reasons for the breakage of RCF type pcb milling cutter are as follows:

1) In the process of unloading the tool to the plate, the error in the horizontal direction of the unloading manipulator and the plate hole exceeds the tolerance range, resulting in collision between the two and causing the rcf type pcb milling cutter to produce a collapsing edge defect.

2) rcf type pcb milling cutter in the transfer, cleaning, testing and packaging and other operations, due to the staff's mistakes lead to the tool and other hard objects collision resulting in the collapse of the edge.

Preventive measures:

Accurately adjust the error accuracy of the two to ensure that the two will not interfere in the work;

In the transfer of packaging and other links, the principle of light handling is strictly implemented to ensure that the tool is not hurt.

PCB industry dominates the domestic future industrial structure

PCB, as the soul of China's intelligent manufacturing, determines the grade of electronic products, whether it is low-end or high-end. Today's IC technology replacement speed, manufacturers are doing everything possible to improve electronic products IC technology, but the independent research and development ability of small and medium-sized enterprises in this PCB technology war does not have any advantages, and PCB copy board technology can provide small and medium-sized electronic enterprises with a competitive chip, standing on the "giant's shoulders" and then soar. It can carry out PCB reverse design and secondary development, and also carry out chip failure analysis and leak detection.

If China is an active market in the pcb industry, I believe everyone will deny that whether it is wearable or mobile phone PC, China has always been a huge market, at present, China's printed circuit board industry is forming its own supply chain, which will be of great benefit to promote the development of the industry. For the second half of the board pcb copy board market outbreak played a role in promoting.

Chinese enterprises can quickly grasp the core technology of foreign high-end PCB, and mass production, for the manufacture of various domestic equipment, so that it is as advanced as foreign countries, or better than the original product after transformation, in the domestic market to seize the competitive opportunities, win a good reputation of consumers. The domestic PCB copying board industry is currently actively working to form a good PCB industry chain to build a platform, which requires the unremitting efforts of a strong copying board company like Dongyuan Technology to create a new structure of domestic electronics!

The United States International Circuit Board and Electronic Assembly Technology Exhibition was held in March 2016

American International Circuit Board and Electronic Assembly Technology Exhibition introduction:

The exhibition is the most authoritative and largest professional exhibition of circuit board and electronic assembly technology in the United States and North America, and has a greater influence in the world. Organized by the renowned IPC- International Association of Electronic Industry Connections. Once a year. In 2015, more than 600 companies from all over the world that provide equipment, materials, services and software for the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards as well as electronic assembly, manufacturing and testing participated in the exhibition, and 60,000 professional visitors visited the exhibition. The world's leading circuit board manufacturers, electronics manufacturing companies, original equipment manufacturers, material and equipment service providers, and distributors are participating in the exhibition, the world's top companies including Panasonic, Samsung, Fuji, Siemens, Yamaha and others

Range of exhibits:

Electronic Assembly Equipment and Materials, Electronic Assembly Equipment, PCB Chemicals and Materials, electronic manufacturing Services and contract assembly, Hand tools and welding tables, template printing equipment, printed electronics, REACH/ROHS compliance services, Automatic test Equipment, cleaning equipment and Supplies, Parts, Connectors, fixtures, Component preprocessing and mounting equipment, photovoltaic, solar products, software (CAD,CAM,MES, etc.), test and inspection system, electronic production line equipment and accessories, circuit board product application, circuit board, seal loading plate (BGA/CSP/ flip chip), circuit board equipment, inner and outer layer process, electroplating, gong board equipment, electronic packaging equipment, etc.

Exhibition time: March 15-17, 2016

Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center

Exhibition organizer: IPC- International Association of Electronic Industry Connections

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