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Comparative analysis of simulation software and PCB design software
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Comparative analysis of simulation software and PCB design software

Now on the market circulation eda software is more, and the pros and cons are different, we only talk about the most widely used several

1. protel

Undoubtedly is the earliest contact eda software, in most universities have protel software courses, but have to admit, protel in eda software family is indeed one of the lowest end of the software, the production of a single panel, two layers of the board is still handy, but 4 layers began to feel bad, more layers not to mention, If the face of high frequency high speed multilayer board, can use protel to make high quality board is quite good:)

protel will not be eliminated in the future is hard to say, now the use of protel people still have a considerable market, but it is recommended that you contact and learn other software with better functions as soon as possible

2. pads

power pcb, as I call it the uncrowned king of low-end pcb software, is the best among all low-end PCB software in my opinion. It is easy to use and easy to use, and the board quality is not inferior to wg, allegro, etc. Now it is the most widely used eda software in the market, which is suitable for the needs of most small and medium-sized enterprises

3. orcad

orcad pcb is even worse than protel, but capture CIS, the schematic design part of orcad, is regarded as one of the best schematic tools in the industry. It has a nice interface, easy to use, convenient operation and powerful simulation functions. Compared with dxdesigner, I think it has the upper hand. It's just that dx has very good management functions, integrated environment, schematic reuse and so on

4. Wargaming

mentor's latest product is WG2004, which is based on the windows platform. When there is no great difference in functions between medium and high-end software, only the software that is cool for pulling wires is good. WG2004 is the most cool software for pulling wires, and it is known as the king of automatic wiring. Wiring rules are designed professionally, expeditionPCB is a core part of WG's pcb, and WG2004 includes epd2004&library manager&expeditionpcb 3


5. en

mentor's latest product, EN2004, is based on the unix platform. Besides, there is no Chinese teaching material in the market, which makes it difficult for many people to learn the software. Its professional degree determines that it is not suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially small enterprises, because there is no need for this, a bowl of water can be put out of the fire why to climb mountains and go far to the river to get farther, right, and this software is designed for large enterprises, so do not have this need of friends do not have to bother, if the work needs a different story, Its pcb is expeditionpcb, its schematic is epd2004, it is basically the same as root wg, its most important is integrated management system

6. allegro

Schematic design software: can ORCAD, Netlist support is very much, the basic is the industry standard.

PCB Layout software


Now push Altium Designer. The mainstream of low-end domestic design is basically not used abroad. Easy to learn, suitable for beginners, easy to get started; It occupies more system resources and requires higher computer configuration. protel is still used in the domestic market, after all, small and medium-sized companies hardware circuit design is still low-end, but I suggest that you learn as soon as possible other better functional software, do not always hover at a low level, not very friendly to the salary!


PADS software is also quite many people, easy to use, easy to use, personal feeling better than Protel do not know how many times. Suitable for low-end design, can be called the uncrowned king of low-end. Now the most widely used eda software on the market, suitable for the needs of most small and medium-sized enterprises. It has no emulation itself, and when doing high-speed board, it should be combined with other dedicated emulation tools, such as hyperlynx.

3.Cadence allegro

The de facto industry standard in high speed plate design. It's awesome in every way. PCB Layout tool is absolutely first-class, a little familiar with no longer want to use other tools, wiring super cool. Simulation is also very cattle, have their own simulation tools, signal integrity simulation, power integrity simulation can do. Do pcb high speed board firmly occupied the dominant position. You know 60% of the world's computer motherboards and 40% of mobile phone motherboards can be taken Allegro painting ah! Now I make boards, whether simple or complex, using this, small board in a day. It's done. It's really cool.

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