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How should pcb manufacturers choose better
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How should pcb manufacturers choose better

Now there is a certain amount of competition in all walks of life, for businesses, or for ordinary consumers, want to choose a more suitable object of cooperation among many peers, in fact, it also needs the next work, such as when people choose PCB manufacturers for cooperation, also need to follow the following choICes is better.


1. Look at popularity

Nowadays, the application of PCB is becoming more and more common, and many people also see its business opportunities, so they want to start a business, and want to produce PCB for external sales. It can be said that the number of PCB manufacturers is relatively large, different manufacturers also have certain competition, and the visibility is different in all aspects. In order to ensure that the selected manufacturers are more worthy of cooperation, we should first check the visibility of the manufacturers when choosing, and choose the manufacturers with high visibility and good visibility for cooperation.

2. Look at cooperation cases

The popularity of some pcb manufacturers is also acceptable. In the face of SIMilar manufacturers unable to choose, it is also necessary to select based on the cooperation cases provided by the manufacturers. Generally speaking, manufacturers that have cooperated with some large enterprises are often more experienced, more able to produce reliable products, and more able to provide good pre-install and after-sales service. Therefore, when selecting manufacturers, we should also check the cooperation cases of manufacturers, and give priority to choosing manufacturers with rich cooperation cases for cooperation.

In fact, when selecting pcb manufacturer , in addition to checking the manufacturer's popularity and corresponding cooperation cases, we also need to compare the quotations given by different manufacturers. In addition, we need to check the production cycle of the manufacturer's products. Comprehensive comparison of multiple aspects of the content, to ensure that the selected manufacturers more in line with their own needs.

circuit board manufacturers how to choose? Identifying your needs is the first thing

circuit board is widely used in the processing industry of electronic products, good circuit board can produce high quality products, is one of the key components of the development of electronic processing industry. At the same time, electronic products are also developing towards the direction of precision, miniaturization and multi-function, so the quality requirements of the circuit board are getting higher and higher naturally. There are many manufacturers of circuit boards, the quality level is not uniform, so how to choose reliable circuit board manufacturers, let's have a look.


1. Identify your needs

First of all, we should make clear our own product positioning, what type of circuit board we need to produce electronic products, what kind of function we can achieve, and then look for the right manufacturer to see whether its products meet the demand. Generally speaking, SMAll manufacturers have obvious price advantages, but the quality still needs to be carefully examined. Large manufacturers generally have a regular production line, the product has passed a regular inspection, and even by the protection of intellectual property rights, the price is relatively high. If the time is not urgent, it is recommended to look more than a few, choose the right circuit board.


2. Clarify the basic information of the manufacturer

Circuit board manufacturers sometimes do more than one business, so their business licenses need to be reviewed to see if the range of products they offer matches their needs. We need to understand the main business and delivery time of the manufacturers and other factors, we can go to the field to see the equipment produced by the enterprises. General strength of the manufacturers with production lines, delivery efficiency can also be guaranteed, quality can also pass.


3. Look at the size of the supplier

Now there are many small and medium-sized suppliers on the MARKet, relatively small production scale, relatively simple products, but if the reputation is good, can produce reliable products, it is also recommended to take into consideration. If your factory scale is relatively small, it is entirely possible to start with small - and medium-sized manufacturers, especially under the prEMIse of limited capital. Such companies also tend to offer small batch samples, which can be screened at an early stage.


In short, the choice of circuit board manufacturers or need to combine their own actual situation, product quality is very important. The above is the circuit board manufacturer how to choose some knowLEDge.


Select pcb circuit board manufacturers need to investigate what aspects

In the process of circuit board production, many electronIC components need to use PCB circuit boards, only choose the quality, can stable shipping manufacturers can bring continuous benefits for customers, in the selection of not only to check the long-term supply capacity of manufacturers, but also to consider the quality control effect of manufacturers, can be investigated according to the following aspects.

Check the manufacturer's after-sales service.


When selecting a processing manufacturer, it is necessary to ensure that it has a certain quality and precision processing equipment. Because the operation of PCB circuit board is more complex during welding, only high-quality reflow welding equipment can complete the corresponding requirements. If the failure of testing equipment occurs after welding fusion, the production capacity of the product will be ultimately affected. Therefore, when choosing the manufacturer, it is necessary to consider the after-sales service and technical team support it provides. If the manufacturer cannot provide the corresponding training and long-term maintenance service, it is not trustworthy.


Inspect the technical level of the manufacturer.

Choose the manufacturer but also according to its equipment, workshop situation and industry experience to understand, these aspects determine the final quality and performance of the circuit product. First of all, we need to check the reflow heating method, different heating methods, the resulting component quality will be different, some components in the welding process will appear thermal response, slow efficiency is low, some components will also appear when welding temperature difference, so for manufacturers need to strictly control. Intracranial temperature, which is also an important factor to investigate the ability of manufacturers.


Examine the operational control system.

Most of the instruments can be controlled by the computer and digital fast to simplify the operation, this way can not only reduce the enterprise, but also reduce the error rate, to ensure a more stable product shipment, generally can be controlled by the computer, and if the control of the operating system is too complex, the training cost is too high or the setting process is too cumbersome, The manufacturer should be required to provide the corresponding simplification scheme, otherwise there will be no effect of digital simplification.


In the face of the production and processing process of pcb circuit board , we will find that the connection of these circuit boards and electronic components, the whole production process is still very important, although now after the high degree of grass-roots, but more and more automatic equipment to join,

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