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Overview of PCB copy software and PCB design software?
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Overview of PCB copy software and PCB design software?

1. There are many kinds of PCB copy software, the most commonly used is protel99se. 99se is just a classIC. It is used more in universities, but it does not mean it is the best or most used. Professional PCB copy software includes SIMple copy software, copy software (win) for converting BMP to PCB drawing, copy software CBR V5. x, copy software 4.0, copy software quickpcb 2005 V3.0, CBR5.2, etc. The following is an introduction to the characteristics of each board reading software:

The color board reading software CBR V5. x can directly place wires, components, pads and other elements on the color scan map of the circuit board for board reading. It supports more than 30 layers of board reading. Its component preview, arbitrary angle placement, routing, automatic grid capture, and graphic center functions are comparable to PROTEL. Using this software can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency.

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Board reading software quickpcb 2005 V3.0: All operations conform to the operating habits of most designers, which can greatly improve the board reading efficiency and relieve the operators from the pain of detection. The one-time qualification rate of the board can also be further guaranteed. The software functions and usage introduction: place pads, holes, lines, arcs, vias, components, FILL, POLYGON, text, set PCB settings and grid settings for each element attribute, CTRL key automatically captures the grid and element center, SHIFT key selection, deselection, cutting, copying, deletion, rotation, mirroring and repetition functions, 32 layer setting function, zoom display, arbitrary origin setting, design accuracy: 1mil, built-in B2P format, BMP readable JPG pictures, automatic BMP reading resolution. Call the PROTEL2.5-2.8 format catalog file to output the PROTEL2.5-2.8 format file.

Board copying software 4.0: Sometimes we want to design the existing circuit board into a PCB diagram, and it is particularly difficult to draw against the board bit by bit. Now we just need to use a scanner to scan the circuit board into a BMP graphic file, and use the software to call in as the background, which can easily achieve drawing.

CBR5.2 software can directly place PCB components, wires and pads on the scan map. More than 30 layers of boards are supported. The accuracy and efficiency are greatly improved by using this software, and the slab staggering is no longer existed.

2. At present, the best and fastest software for PCB design is Allegro, followed by PADS. These two softwares, especially Allegro, are very professional and used by many large companies, including NOKIA, Huawei, ZTE, IBM, HP, etc. Large companies and foreign enterprises use quite a lot of them.

3. There are many PCB design software, including Allegro, WG2007, Boardstaion, CR5000, PADS, AD (DXP), protel99SE, etc. There are also a lot of software: Allegro, Allegro, WG2007, Boardstair, CR5000 for large companies, military PCB design for high-speed multilayer boards, PADS for relatively SMAll enterprises, Protel99se is usually used for learning or PCB copying companies, small enterprises use more, and large enterprises use less. Only some people who feel good and the learning crowd are using it.

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