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Engineering Technology
Auto PCB High tech LAM and How to Handle Serpentine
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Auto PCB High tech LAM and How to Handle Serpentine

Auto PCB High tech LAM and How to Handle Serpentine

circuit board manufacturing, circuit board design, PCBA processing manufacturers will explain to you the high and new technology LAM of automobile PCB and how to deal with serpentine wire

Laser Activation Metallization (LAM) is a national patented technology, whICh can realize the large-scale production of single-sided, double-sided and three-dimensional ceramic circuit boards. High precision, good adhesion, conductive layer can be from 1 μ Customized from m to 1mm, in which pure copper can be used to replace silver paste to solve the problems of hole conductivity and adhesion, and the overall performance is more stable. The process is mature and the performance is superior. The laser incident three-dimensional surface can realize high-precision wiring. The design space is more imaginative without limitation of shape, the cost is lower than that of traditional technology, there is no need for mold opening, environmental protection and pollution-free, and the application fields include aerOSPace, automobile PCB, integrated circuit, high-power electronic packaging, etc.

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(1) Higher thermal conductivity and better matching thermal expansion coefficient;

(2) Stronger and lower resistance conductive metal film;

(3) The substrate has good solderability and resistance, and has a wide range of application temperatures;

(4) Good insulation;

(5) The thickness of conductive layer is 1 μ Adjustable within m~1mm;

(6) The high frequency loss is SMAll, and the high frequency circuit can be designed and assembLED;

(7) High density assembly is available, and the line/spacing (L/S) resolution can be up to 20 μ m. So that the equipment can be short, small, light and thin;

(8) It contains no organIC components, is resistant to cosmic rays, has high reliability in aerospace and long service life;

(9) The copper layer does not contain an oxide layer and can be used for a long time in a reducing atmosphere.

(10) 3D substrate, cable and harness.

The PCB manufacturer has the following seven suggestions for the design of serpentine wire:

  1. Try to increase the distance (S) of parallel line segments, which shall be at least greater than 3H. H refers to the distance from the signal line to the reference plane. Generally speaking, it is to route around a big bend. As long as S is big enough, it can almost completely avoid mutual coupling effects.

2. Reduce the coupling length Lp. When the twice Lp delay is close to or exceeds the signal rise time, the crosstalk generated will reach saturation.

3. The signal transmission delay caused by serpentine line of strip line or embedded micro strip is less than that of micro strip. In theory, the stripline will not affect the transmission rate due to differential mode crosstalk.

4. For high-speed signal lines and signal lines with strict timing requirements, try not to take serpentine lines, especially in small areas.

5. Snakelike routing at any angle can be often used to effectively reduce mutual coupling.

6. In the design of high-speed PCB, the serpentine line has no so-called filtering or anti-interference ability, and it can only reduce the signal quality, so it is only used for timing matching and has no other purpose.

7. Sometimes SPIral routing can be considered for winding, and SIMulation shows that its effect is better than that of normal serpentine routing. Circuit board manufacturers, circuit board designers and PCBA manufacturers will explain to you the high-tech LAM of automobile PCB and how to deal with serpentine wires.

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