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Points to be paid attention to in PCB template detection
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Points to be paid attention to in PCB template detection

PCB board is also known as "PCB printed circuit board". PCB board can be divided into single-sided, double-sided and multilayer boards according to the level. It has the characteristics of high density, good safety, thin thickness, good bending, etc. It is widely used in communication, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, aerospace and other fields. The manufacturing quality of PCB board not only directly affects the reliability of electronic products, but also affects the integrity of signal transmission between chips.

PCB board

pcb board

With the rapid development of electronics, communications, aerospace and aviation, the demand is constantly increasing. Many manufacturers monopolize the market at a low price in order to enhance their core competitiveness. But behind the low price is the choice to reduce the material cost and process production cost, which leads to the appearance of PCB boards with mixed good and bad qualities. In the face of defective PCB printed circuit boards, It can be distinguished from the appearance of PCB and the quality of PCB itself. In the aspect of appearance identification, we can observe the thickness, welding appearance, light and color of PCB board.

PCB board is the key electronic interconnect of electronic products and the base plate loaded with various electronic parts. All electronic equipment can not be separated from PCB board, so a high-quality PCB board must have the copper skin that is not easy to fall off under high temperature; The line width, line thickness and line spacing of PCB circuit meet the requirements; The electrical connection of the PCB board shall meet the requirements, the PCB board shall have no deformation in appearance, and shall also have high temperature, high humidity and special environment resistance.

The welding quality of components on PCB directly affects the performance of products. Therefore, the quality inspection and testing of PCB is a necessary part of manufacturers' quality control. Pay attention to the following points when testing PCB boards:

1. Insulation performance of electric soldering iron: Do not use a live soldering iron for welding. Make sure that the soldering iron is not live.

2. Do not cause short circuit between pins: When measuring voltage or testing waveform with oscilloscope probe, do not cause short circuit between pins of integrated circuit due to sliding of probe or probe.

3. Attention shall be paid to the heat dissipation of the power integrated circuit: it shall not work when the radiator is in a high-power state.

4. Reasonable detection of PCB leads: If it is necessary to add peripheral PCB components to replace the damaged parts inside the integrated circuit, small components should be selected, and the wiring should be reasonable to avoid unnecessary parasitic coupling.

5. Guarantee the welding quality: carefully check the integrated circuit that has been welded, confirm that there is no solder adhesion, and then turn on the power supply.

The change in demand for terminal electronic products to be thin, short and multi-functional has promoted the rapid improvement of product performance and integration of electronic components, which also puts forward higher and more sophisticated requirements for PCB processing and materials. We provide one-stop proofing and small and medium batch production and manufacturing services, including smt chip proofing, PCBA processing, SMT chip processing, electronic component purchasing, DIP post welding and assembly testing.

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