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PCB material

Development opportunities and challenges of flexible PCB

This paper mainly introduces the development opportunities and challenges of flexible PCB.

What are the metal core PCB materials?

Including aluminum PCB, copper-based PCB, iron-based PCB

What PCB materials are needed for RF?

The high-frequency material most familiar to users of PCB laminates is probably polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a synthetic thermoplastic fluoropolymer with excellent dielectric properties at microwave frequencies.

What is a high Tg PCB material?

The circuit board material must be flame retardant, cannot burn at a certain temperature, but can only soften. This temperature point is called the glass transition temperature (Tg). A higher Tg point means higher temperature requirements during laminatio

PCB Materials

Here there’re many laminate material datasheets, they’re useful and helpful for you, please see them:SUPPLIERPCB LAMINATETYPEMATERIAL DATASHEETTGTDDK(1MHZ)DK(1GHZ)DK(10GHZ)KBKB-6160FR4DOWNLOAD1353054.35––KB-6160AFR4DOWNLOAD1353054.35––KB-6160CFR4DOWNLOAD1

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