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PCB manufacturers share the functions and precautions of electrolytic capacitors

In the power supply circuit, the positive electrode of the electrolytic capacitor is connected to the output terminal of the power supply when the positive voltage is output, and the negative electrode is grounded.

PCB manufacturers tell you, how to specify the board substrate

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PCB manufacturers introduce the ten golden rules of PCB design

Power layer copper is a faster and easier option for most PCB design software. By sharing a large number of wires, maximum efficient current with minimum impedance or voltage drop is guaranteed, while providing an adequate grounding return path.

Opportunities for domestic PCB manufacturers to engage with the process

The layout of the basic structure such as PAD, design rule check (DRC), parameter extraction (EXT) and layout circuit control (LVS) associated with the design tool are the key to the successful production of the designed chip in the wafer factory. This is

Visit PCB manufacturers need to pay attention to what problems

Field observation is a practical investigation method, which is of great reference significance for the internal self-understanding and improvement of PCB manufacturers, as well as the understanding and selection of suppliers.

PCB manufacturers explain in detail the factors affecting PCB price

Factors affecting PCB price: First, PCB materials used in different price diversity, second, PCB production process used in different price diversity, third, PCB itself difficulty caused by different price diversity, four, different customer requirements

Section friends teach you how to find high quality PCB manufacturers?

which makes it easy to find PCB manufacturers, find high-quality PCB manufacturers is not easy, and find and cherish!

How to select pcb manufacturers

Teach you how to choose quality pcb manufacturers:First, look at the product, two, see the application, three, listen to the voice, four, see the reputation, five, see the service

pcb manufacturers share, pcba processing should pay attention to these points!

Therefore, pcb manufacturers believe that when designing or reinforcing equipment, they should be placed on PCB boards with higher hardness, or use certain methods to avoid pcba processing.

How should pcb manufacturers choose better

Now there is a certain amount of competition in all walks of life, for businesses, or for ordinary consumers, want to choose a more suitable object of cooperation among many peers, in fact, it also needs the next work, such as when people choose pcb manuf

PCB manufacturers share: PCB design - how much does it cost?

PCB processing and PCB assembly plants explain the cost of PCB design, how much is the cost of PCB design, and what are the cost items?

Rules for PCB manufacturers to share PCB power layout

PCB design and PCB processing manufacturer introduce grounding, micro conductivity, component placement, etc. of PCB power supply layout

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