Kingford focus on the high-quality PCBA order demand of "Multiple varieties, medium and small batch, and short lead time".

PCB manufacturers

pcb manufacturers share, pcba processing should pay attention to these points!

Therefore, pcb manufacturers believe that when designing or reinforcing equipment, they should be placed on PCB boards with higher hardness, or use certain methods to avoid pcba processing.

How should pcb manufacturers choose better

Now there is a certain amount of competition in all walks of life, for businesses, or for ordinary consumers, want to choose a more suitable object of cooperation among many peers, in fact, it also needs the next work, such as when people choose pcb manuf

PCB manufacturers share: PCB design - how much does it cost?

PCB processing and PCB assembly plants explain the cost of PCB design, how much is the cost of PCB design, and what are the cost items?

Rules for PCB manufacturers to share PCB power layout

PCB design and PCB processing manufacturer introduce grounding, micro conductivity, component placement, etc. of PCB power supply layout

PCB manufacturers explain the production technology of high-density PCB

Circuit board assembly and circuit board processing manufacturers explained that the high-precision of printed circuit board adopts buried, blind hole and other technologies to achieve high-density.

PCB manufacturers explain the design of PCB with blind holes

PCB design and PCB processing manufacturer introduce PCB design of blind hole. Understand how to process those holes to make PCB design of blind hole

PCB manufacturers explain PCB drawing board knowledge - RF circuit

This paper interprets the four basic characteristics of RF circuit from four aspects: RF interface, small expected signal, large interference signal and interference of adjacent channels

PCB manufacturers share the essence of grounding problems in PCB design

Introduction to PCB assembly, PCB design and PCB processing manufacturers: highlights of grounding problems in PCB design

​PCB Design of Digital Analog Mixed Signal for PCB Manufacturers

The PCB manufacturer will explain the mixed signal PCB design to you, and the key points in the design process

The grounding of PCB in PCB design of PCB manufacturers

As the name implies, the package ground in PCB in PCB design is to wrap the whole signal line around the package ground.

PCB manufacturers explain the wiring principles of PCB

Circuit board wiring is an important link in circuit board design. The circuit board manufacturer explains the specific steps for you

How can PCB manufacturers ensure the high-performance design of PCB

Elegant appearance is also an element of PCB design. The overall beauty and atmosphere make people feel comfortable. PCB is also a handicraft. A good PCB will make people linger.

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