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Related Technology

Related Technology

Aluminum PCB Capability

Aluminum PCB CapabilityAluminum PCB FeatureParameter (in)Parameter (mm)Layers1 – 61 – 6Max Board Size24” x 40”609.6 x 1016mmMin Board Thickness – 1-2 (layers)16mil0.4mmMin Board Thickness – 4 (layers)20mil0.5mmMin Board Thickness – 6 (layers)24mil0.6mmBoa

PCB Materials

Here there’re many laminate material datasheets, they’re useful and helpful for you, please see them:SUPPLIERPCB LAMINATETYPEMATERIAL DATASHEETTGTDDK(1MHZ)DK(1GHZ)DK(10GHZ)KBKB-6160FR4DOWNLOAD1353054.35––KB-6160AFR4DOWNLOAD1353054.35––KB-6160CFR4DOWNLOAD1

PCB Design Capabilities

PCB Design&Layout CapabilitiesMin.trace width:2.5milMin.trace spacing2.5milMin.Vias:6mil(4mil laser drilling)Max.layer48LMin.BGA spacing0.35mmMax.BGA Pin3600pinMax.high-speed signal40 GBPSFastest delivery time6 Hours/ ItemHDI Highest layer22 LHDI High...

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.