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SMT plant to teach you to distinguish simple solder net and red rubber net
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SMT plant to teach you to distinguish simple solder net and red rubber net

Red gum

It is a kind of poly compound, different from tin paste is that it is cured after being heated, and its freezing point temperature is 150℃. At this time, red glue begins to change from paste to solid directly. Properties of red glue: red glue has viscosity fluidity, temperature characteristics, wetting characteristics, etc. According to this characteristic of red glue, the purpose of using red glue in production is to make the parts stick firmly on the surface of PCB and prevent them from falling off.

Solder paste

It is a new type of welding material accompanied by SMT. It is a paste mixture formed by mixing solder powder, flux and other surfactants and thixotropic agents. Mainly used in SMT industry PCB surface resistance, capacitance, IC and other electronic components welding, the main feature is conductive welding.

The difference between solder paste and red glue

1, red glue plays a fixed role, will not conduct electricity, solder paste also plays a fixed role, but there will be conductive effect;

2, red glue needs to be welded through wave soldering;

3, red glue wave welding temperature is lower than the solder paste wave welding temperature;

4, red glue is generally used as an auxiliary material, generally used for fixing, because the solder paste can conduct electricity, so it is often used in welding.

SMT patch

Where traditional plug-in components are not available on general products, solder paste processes (including single-sided, double-sided or multilayer panels) will be used. For a single panel with traditional components, the solder surface will be made of red glue. One side has a double panel of traditional components, one side will be made of solder paste process, the other solder surface will be made of red glue process. The red glue manufacturing process has to go through wave welding process to complete the welding of parts and PCB. The process is a little longer, which increases labor and manufacturing cost. The solder paste manufacturing process can be completed by reflow welding, and the process is shorter, saving labor and cost, shortening product production cycle and improving market competitiveness.

The difference between solder paste net and red glue net

<a href="" target="_blank"><u>SMT SMT SMT processing plant </u></a> Teach you to simply distinguish solder mesh and red glue mesh first of all, the opening position is different, solder paste steel mesh opening directly according to the patch pad position 1:1 opening, In this way, the solder paste can be directly leaked on the PCB pad, which is convenient for welding! And the red rubber steel mesh is special, its role is to brush glue, paste devices for welding, so the opening is open in the position between the device welding pad. Therefore, the wrong use of steel mesh, can not be reworked, can only be scrapped.

Solder paste mesh: open holes on the pad; Red rubber mesh: holes between pads.

Secondly, solder paste steel mesh and red rubber steel mesh, is for different PCB device patch processing technology to decide! In general, PCB on the same side, the patch device is less, and the plug-in device is more, the use of red rubber steel mesh process will increase.

<a href="" target="_blank"><u>SMT SMT plant </u></a> Teach you to distinguish simple solder net and red rubber net

Generally, the patch processing manufacturers will determine whether to make solder paste steel net or red rubber steel net based on the component design of PCB board. Generally, if there are many plug-ins, the red rubber net process will be used for wave soldering. Plug-in components are not much, but wave soldering, artificial welding, using solder paste mesh process. Of course, this has to be decided by the customer according to the patch processing and production.

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