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LCR digital bridge product PCB clone
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LCR digital bridge product PCB clone

Product introduction:

The bridge is a new generation of component parameter measuring instrument, using the latest testing technology in this field. The powerful test function and superior measurement performance make the product squeeze into the international advanced level of similar products. The product provides stable 6-bit test resolution, 50Hz-100kHz/200kHz frequency range, 0.01V-2.0V programmable signal levels, measurement speeds up to 30 times per second, 9-level fine range, constant 30-ω or 100-ω internal resistance and flexible human operation. Can meet the production line quality assurance, incoming inspection and laboratory high precision measurement requirements. The HANDLER, GPIB and RS232C interfaces provided by the product create favorable conditions for the instrument to be used in the component automatic sorting system, to communicate with the computer and to record the test process.


Performance characteristics:

240×64 lattice graphic LCD display

User-friendly operation interface, simple operation

TH2816A: 50Hz-200kHz, about 12,000 test frequency points

RS-232C, GPIB interface (Optional)

10mVrms-2.0Vrms programmable test level

High measuring stability and accuracy

six-digit reading resolution

Maximum speed up to 32 ms/ time

Precise load calibration function

30Ω/100Ω optional signal source output impedance

Direct control of TH1773/TH1775 bias source

Direct reading, absolute and relative deviation display

12 sets of internal instrument Settings for storage

Built - in comparator, 10 - stop sorting and counting

Test level monitoring function

Keyboard locking function

Handler interface

Maximum speed up to 32 ms/ time


PCB cloning of building detector products


In the exposure of natural sunlight, due to the rotation of the earth around the sun and the rotation of the earth, the altitude Angle and the azimuth Angle of the sun are also continuously changing, and the change value depends on the measurement time, the latitude of the measurement site and the latitude of the equator. The three parameter insolation instrument is designed according to the above principles. Sunshine meter can be used to draw rod shadow map, and can directly observe the shadow change of the building in this place and on that day, the indoor sunshine time, sunshine area and shading condition of the sun visor through the model, and can also be used to observe the relationship between building orientation and spacing.


Main technical index

Instructions for use:

1 Prepare a parallel light source that simulates the sun (a searchlight 500W is recommended instead).

2. Put the insolation meter on a stable table with the latitude dial set to zero and the schedule (12 o 'clock) with the red latitude in March (the date location of the spring and autumn equinoxes). Move the position of the sunlight meter or lamp source so that the rod shadow is shadowless.

3. Adjust the latitude plate and the red latitude plate to the desired location and date to be measured, and rotate the support to measure the sunshine conditions at different times. Or directly spread paper on the ground plane to draw the shadow of the rod.

4 The shadow bar on the ground plane can be removed (threaded connection), such as when placing the model, you can unscrew it.

5 After adjusting each scale to the specified position, rotate the corresponding shaft end knob to lock and fix the position.

 Temperature: Pt100 (Class A) sensor, fine


1 The weight of the model should be no more than 1Kg.

2 Light source requires lamp power (500K), focusing (parallelism) good lamps. Because the intensity and parallelism of light directly affect the measurement accuracy of insolation instrument.


Basic parameters:

Parallelism: 6 m range aperture diameter < 1.2 m

Light source: Cold light source

Fluctuation: < 5Lux

Power: 575W

Startup time: 1 minute to steady state

1 degree ±0.5, -30 to 90

2. Heat flow: error 3%

3 LCD Display

4 Set a period range of 1 to 30 minutes. The storage capacity ensures that data can be stored continuously for 10 days at a storage interval of 5 minutes

USB communication and upper computer processing software

6 Use a regular 5 battery

7 Do not carry the packing case


Processing software:

Portable instrument communicates with the upper computer by USB port, equipped with special data download and analysis software, can realize 2 groups of temperature, 1 group of heat flow data download, and simple analysis work.

The basic functions of simple analysis include real-time curve description of 3 groups of data, calculation of maximum, minimum and average value, and export of the third party (Excel, Access) software

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.