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Rogers RO4350B/RO4003C material dielectric constant parameter
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Rogers RO4350B/RO4003C material dielectric constant parameter

Rogers RO4350B/RO4003C material dielectrIC constant parameter

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers explain the dielectric constant parameters of Rogers RO4350B/RO4003C materials

RO4000 series high-frequency circuit board materials

RO4000 ® Hydrocarbon ceramic laminate is designed to provide excellent high frequency performance and low-cost circuit manufacturing. The dielectric constant of Rogers RO4350B is 3.48, and the dielectric constant of Rogers RO4003C is 3.38. As a result, the low loss materials can be manufactured using standard epoxy resin/glass process, with competitive prices.

When the working frequency is increased to 500 MHz and above, the range of plates available for designers to choose is greatly reduced. The RO4000 material has the characteristics and controlLED impedance transmission lines required by the designers of RF microwave circuits and matching networks. The RO4000 series has low dielectric loss, and the materials used in many applications with higher operating frequency limits use traditional circuit board laminates. The temperature coefficient constant of the dielectric is the lowest constant among all circuit board materials and dielectrics, which is stable in a wide frequency range. Reduced insertion loss, LoPro ® Foil available. This makes the material suitable for broadband applications.

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The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of RO4000 materials provides several key benefits to circuit designers. The expansion coefficient of RO4000 material is SIMilar to that of copper material, which enables the material to have excellent dimensional stability and the required performance of a mixed dielectric multilayer plate structure. The CTE of the low Z-axis RO4000 laminate provides reliable plated through-hole quality for thermal shock applications even under severe conditions. The Tg of RO4000 series materials is>280 ° C (536 ° F), and its expansion characteristics maintain a stable temperature throughout the processing range of the circuit.

RO4000 series laminates can be easily manufactured into printed circuit boards using standard FR-4 circuit board processing technology. Unlike PTFE high-performance materials, RO4000 series laminates do not require special through-hole preparation processes such as sodium etching. This material is a rigid thermosetting laminate that can be used for copper surface treatment equipment through automated treatment systems and scrubbing treatments.

RO4003C ™ At present, 1080 and 1674 glass fiber fabrics are used for laminates, and all configurations meet the same electrical performance indicators of laminates. Specially designed as RO4003C ™ Direct substitute of materials, RO4350B ™ The laminate adopts flame retardant technology in line with RoHS standards to meet various application requirements of UL 94V-0 certification. These materials meet the requirements of IPC4103. The RO4003C is a diagonal line/10. Query the information about the RO4350B sheet. PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA processors will explain the dielectric constant parameters of Rogers RO4350B/RO4003C materials.

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