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PCB manufacturing
PCB manufacturing
PCB Design Tutorial What is a PCB?
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PCB Design Tutorial What is a PCB?

PCB design Tutorial What is a PCB?
We have set up a new department to professionally design and create our own product PCB for our electronIC products and Arduino project
Until recently, contracting PCB manufacturing was an expensive process, requiring long-term operation and hundreds of euros of investment. In retrOSPect, it is beyond the scope of families and # creators.
Fortunately, great changes have taken place in recent years Online customization service PCB board manufacturing is becoming more and more frequent, allowing us to have professional quality SMAll batches (5 pieces) at a very low cost Now we can buy 5-10 series for a few euros, less than one euro per plate
Changes in PCB design software also played a role. Until recently, they were fully commercialized, with licensing fees amounting to thousands of euros. At present, we have good and powerful free solutions, even open source, for layout design.
Thanks to both of them, we can now have our own industrial quality customized PCB, and the price of each board is less than 1 euro! It can be used for our project in 2-3 weeks.
Circuit board

pcb board

This was unthinkable a few years ago. It not only makes all electronic enthusiasts happy, but also elevates your projects to another level, making them more professional, more powerful, and easier to assemble.
Recall that we will create a new part for designing and creating our own PCB, and obtain the files required for manufacturing from scratch.
We will learn more in future posts. However, let's not go beyond ourselves too early and explain from the beginning (the channel we like on our blog). What does PCB mean in this case?
What is a PCB?
printed circuit board or PCB (printed circuit board) is a compact circuit configuration system, which can reduce the demand for cables and generate solid small circuits.
Printed circuit board was invented by Austrian engineer Paul Aisler in 1936, and was rapidly adopted due to the stimulation of the framework of the Second World War to a large extent.
Today, we are not used to seeing PCB boards anywhere. From small to large, such as in home electronic modules, smartphones or computer motherboards.
PCB Design Tutorial What is a PCB?
PCBs are also often considered very complex components and can only be used by electronics professionals. Yes, they can be very complex. But in this section, we will uncover its mystery and see if anyone can design their own PCB.
A PCB consists of mutually insulating copper layers that make up a circuit. In the next article in this series, we will cover each of these aspects in detail, but this is all that remains.
We will mount/solder electronIC components on PCB, which can be PTH (electroplated through-hole) or SMD (surface mount device). In both cases (PTH and SMD), there are different components. Resistors, capacitors, coils, transistors, integrators.
The conductive track on the printed circuit board and the instalLED components together constitute the final circuit. If we do not have PCB, we can use test board or test board and solder to connect components together. PCB saves all our work.
Avoid cable confusion. Connect and disconnect. "This pin was bent during removal." "Look where this cable comes from." "I have two pins soldered together." This connection will generate electrical noise Most importantly, it doesn't work, it has been destroyed.
Logically speaking, the biggest difficulty lies in the circuit design. The more you know about electronic technology, the more complex and useful your circuit board will be (this also happens if you use test boards).
However, as we can see, deSPIte its appearance, PCB itself is a SIMple concept. The simple conductive track allows us not to use a large number of cables, which provides us with a powerful and safe way to manufacture electronic circuits.
In short
So far, we have seen why we should not be afraid of this new PCB design part Today, anyone can customize PCBs

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