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Know what our OEM order manufacturers have and relevant knowledge
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Know what our OEM order manufacturers have and relevant knowledge

Where are OEM order manufacturers? PCB proofing refers to the trial production of PCB before mass production. It is mainly used in the process of small batch trial production in the factory after the electronic engineer completes the design of the circuit board, that is, circuit board proofing. The production volume of PCB proofing generally has no specific limit. Before the product design is confirmed and tested, it is called PCB proofing by engineers.

The method to judge the quality of PCB: distinguish the quality of PCB from its appearance. Analyze and judge from three aspects; Standard rules for size and thickness. The thickness of a circuit board is different from that of a standard circuit board. Customers can measure and check according to the thickness and specification of their products.

2. Proofread questions

1 Speed

pcb board

The products in PCB market are always changing. In this industry, time is a very important factor. Delivery date and quality are the hard strength of the factory, and are also favored by engineers and factories. At present, the circuit board factory generally provides urgent service, and the normal delivery time of the express factory is also 2 days. For example, in the Yangtze River Delta region, the emerging Czech Republic has promised not to increase any expediting fees, and all models are expedited by default. For example, single-sided and double-sided boards, large board proofing and small batch, less than or equal to 30 pieces, with an area of more than 1 square meter, can now be shipped 24 hours! It cost 2-3 square meters. The delivery time for small batches of 1-5 square meters is changed to 72 hours (original 3-4 days),

2 Quality

It is the trial production stage before confirmation and testing by engineers, and its quality cannot be ignored. From raw materials, surveying and mapping, to production, testing and quality control, each link needs to be strictly controlled. For example, ordinary double-sided boards, which generally include FR-4, aluminum substrate, CEM-1, etc., have a thickness between and

The thickness of copper is from ounce to ounce. The quotation varies greatly due to different materials. At present, the better material used by the manufacturer is imported Shengyi board.

OEM order

III. Price

With the development of the industry, the price of PCB proofing and small and medium-sized batch production is declining for OEM manufacturers. At present, many proofing companies, such as Jetpo, have cancelled all proofing/small batch film fees, and film fees have also been withdrawn from the historical stage. Complete challenging tasks at challenging prices, which will be the price trend of PCB proofing in the future.

Gold deposition is to wrap a thick layer of nickel gold alloy with good electrical properties on the copper surface, which can protect PCB for a long time; In addition, it also has the environmental tolerance that other surface treatment processes do not have. In addition, gold deposition can also prevent the dissolution of copper, which will be beneficial to lead-free assembly.

3. Pavement measurement

1 The copper sheet is not easy to fall off under high temperature;

2 The line thickness, line spacing and line width of the line shall meet the design requirements to prevent heating, short circuit and open circuit of the line;

III. PCB board has no additional electromagnetic radiation;

4 In the process of PCB proofing, special environments such as high temperature and high humidity are considered;

5 The copper surface is not easy to oxidize, which affects the installation speed. It cannot be used for a long time after oxidation;

6 The plate type shall not be deformed to avoid dislocation of screw holes after installation. At present, mechanical installation is adopted. The hole position of the circuit board and the deformation error of the circuit design shall be within the allowable range.

PCB production process: drilling. Purpose: According to the engineering data, drill the required hole diameter at the corresponding position on the plate meeting the required size. Process: laminated pin → upper plate → drilling → lower plate → inspection/repair.

Combining the above six aspects, we can judge whether the printed circuit board is "excellent". At present, there are tens of thousands of PCB manufacturers on the market. It is recommended that users should keep their eyes open during the purchase process and make choices based on their understanding of PCB.

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