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Small fast circuit board plate making system
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Small fast circuit board plate making system

The production of printed circuit boards is often a headache for electronic lovers. Many electronic lovers in order to make a printed circuit board, often use paint tracing board, knife carving, adhesive paste and other amateur production methods, the speed is slow, and it is difficult to make high-quality printed circuit boards. The production of printed circuit boards has even become a barrier for many beginners to enter the electronic palace.


Today, in the increasing popularity of computer, computer aided design has become a hot topic of electronic industry, using the computer design, PCB, although with graphic design specifications, size accurate, easy to modify, and the advantages of easy to save, but still making PCB process is relatively complex, through the chemical process, such as light painting, photoengraving more material consumption, the cycle is longer, The cost is higher. Under normal circumstances, send E-MAI to printed circuit board factory, factory with the fastest speed plate, and send back to express mail also needs a week, about 100 yuan cost. And a mature circuit board, often need several trials to be successful. In view of these problems, after a long time of exploration and research, we finally developed a this kind of cheap, simple to use small fast printed circuit board production system.


 The system consists of a fast microcomputer numerical control heat transfer platemaking machine and a fast corrosion machine. The heat-transfer plate maker was inspired by a study of laser printers. Our researchers found that the "toner" we know for laser printers is not inorganic toner, but small black plastic particles containing magnetic materials. It is attracted by the toner cartridge of the laser printer, in the toner cartridge to list high precision graphics and text, after eliminating the static electricity, transferred to the printing paper, and through high temperature melting hot pressing fixed, forming a laser printer works. Our researchers in this discovery revealed that the development of a high temperature resistant non-stick

Heat transfer paper with special characteristics, fast micro computer numerical control heat transfer plate maker and fast corrosion machine. Using this system, printed circuit boards can be produced in small batches very quickly, and the system has the following significant advantages over the traditional photographic plate making process


1 version of high precision: can reach the resolution of the laser printer plate precision, in addition to the production of fine circuit graphics, but also can produce a high resolution image. The use of it can not only produce a fine printed circuit board, even can make a fine metal signs, metal art painting.


2. Low plate cost: the plate cost of making a circuit board is only equivalent to the cost of a thermal transfer paper.


3. Fast plate making speed: fast heat transfer plate maker can transfer the printed circuit of laser printer printed on heat transfer paper to the circuit board, forming an anti-corrosion layer. It only takes 10~20 minutes to make a printed circuit board of 200mmx300mm. It is very suitable for factories, institutes, schools, electronic shopping malls to quickly make circuit board template.


4. Multi-purpose: Double panels can be produced at the same time, single panel with characters, and double panels with characters can also be produced twice.


5. High degree of automation, extremely simple operation; Fast heat transfer platemaking machine, using 89C2051 as the main control chip. Measuring and setting of roller temperature by plate maker; Circuit board entry, exit; The opening of the power supply, as well as the motor delay shutdown function set to avoid the cots over temperature are fully automatic touch switch control.


6. High cost performance of equipment: with this heat transfer rapid plate making system to replace the traditional printing board production process, the equipment price is low, high cost performance, general month investment to buy equipment for rapid production of printed circuit board production and management, the month can recover all the investment. The operation and working principle of the plate maker: the printed circuit board graphics made by the computer are printed on the special heat transfer paper through the laser printer, and then the transfer paper is covered on the copper plate and sent to the plate maker. The working principle of the plate maker mainly uses heat transfer

Its structure is similar to that of a laser printer. There are two groups of 4 special high temperature resistant silicone cylindrical rollers to form the transmission structure.


A set of two silica gel cylindrical rollers are uniformly warmed to 180.5for a month. At the same time, each set of two silica gel cylindrical rollers is also two pressure rollers, whose maximum surface temperature resistance can reach 300. These two sets of cots are driven by synchronous motor through the transmission system and rotate at a constant speed of two revolutions per minute. When the heat transfer paper and copper plate through the group of higher temperature and greater pressure between the silica cylinder roller, heat transfer paper adsorption of black powder will melt. Since thermal transfer paper is specially processed, its surface is coated with several layers of special materials by polymer technology. The thermal transfer paper has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and non-adhesion. When the temperature reaches 180.5, the adsorption capacity of thermal transfer paper on melted black powder decreases sharply.


Under the action of pressure, the melted black powder is completely adsorbed on the copper plate. After the copper plate is cooled, the fastening printed figure is formed, and the whole heat transfer process is completed. The same principle, such as the need to transfer components on the other side of the printed board arrangement, can also be carried out at the same time, so that the printed board can be added to the professional level. It should be noted here that the whole heat transfer process has a particularly high temperature requirement, and the temperature control is very important. For example: the best melting temperature of black powder is generally at 180.5when the temperature is too high, the excessive melting of black powder will spread to the original lines around the graph fuzzy, precision deterioration, subweight will also scorched the paper. When the temperature is too low or uneven, there will be poor transfer effect, or even transfer. In practical use, due to air temperature, humidity, paper and circuit board thickness and other factors have a certain impact on the transfer effect, so the control of temperature on the transfer effect is very important. For this purpose, the temperature control sensor of heat transfer plate maker adopts imported PT-1000 type thin film platinum resistance, which makes the temperature control accuracy up to 0.1, and meets the high temperature requirements of plate making. When the graph is transferred to the copper plate

On, that is to say, the printer's toner on the copper surface formed a graphic protective layer.


Because the laser printer toner is made of polymer material containing resin, the corrosion liquid (FEC13 solution) has good corrosion resistance, so after FEC13 solution corrosion can be formed exquisite printed circuit board. In order to make the corrosion circuit board more quick and convenient, also need a corrosion machine for rapid corrosion of the circuit board, in order to save time, reduce the waste of FEC13 solution, improve efficiency.


The rapid corrosion machine rapidly heats the FEC13 solution to above 60, and then the anti-corrosion small circulating submersible pump is used to evenly spray FEC13 solution to the printed board through a special nozzle. Generally in the case of heating to 80, with a higher concentration of FEC13 solution corrosion, 5~6 minutes can be corroded. Due to the rapid corrosion process, the side corrosion can be reduced, so that the fine part of the printed circuit board is more perfect and reliable. By heating, the REDOX reaction of fecL3 solution is accelerated, so as to accelerate the oxidation of copper on the surface of copper plate to Cu2 +. At the same time, the impact of water flow is used to take away the Cu2 + deposited on the surface of copper plate and nearby, so that the chemical reverse

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