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PCB Design
Pre-processing /THT/ hand welding process
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Pre-processing /THT/ hand welding process

The plug-in materials shall be processed manually or by equipment in advance to meet the technological requirements of the plug-in materials, such as the insertion mode, span and pin length.

Resistance class; It mainly includes color ring resistor, carbon film resistor, cement resistor, thermistor, varistor, resistor row, variable resistor, etc. Capacitor class; It mainly includes electrolytic capacitor, ceramic capacitor, tantalum capacitor, monolithic capacitor, paper capacitor, variable capacitor, etc. Inductance class; Mainly including inductor, magnetic bead, transformer, coil and so on. Transistor class; It mainly includes diode, triode, light-emitting diode, field effect tube,TVS tube, gas discharge tube and so on. Crystal class; It mainly includes crystal, crystal oscillator and so on. Integrated circuit class; According to the packaging method, it can be divided into BGA,SOJ,QFP,PLCC,SOP,PGA, DIP, etc., among which the IC is mainly DIP. Add-on class; It mainly includes connecting device, I/O interface, pin, wiring terminal; Other; Such as heat sink, dial switch, relay, spacing column, battery, etc


High precision on-line plate splitter

Suitable for FR4 stamp hole plate, double table, can be simultaneously PCB board loading and unloading and cutting board, the use of high precision marble platform, three axis linear motor full closed-loop control, can be front and back to the production line of other processes, automatic loading and unloading manipulator, with visual AI algorithm technology, to realize the automatic production of cutting procedures before the board, automatic detection of cutting effect after the board. High degree of automation.

Special-shaped automatic insert machine features, mounting accuracy: ±0.04mm. Mounting speed: IC component 4200 CPH, maximum component height: 55mm, substrate size: 410*560mm, identifiable component size: British 0201~50mm, chuck or nozzle number: 6 PCS, with laser + image recognition components, can complete the high speed and precise insertion of multi-pin components such as DIMM/PCI large slot, MRF/MAF/STICK FEEDER,MTS and vibrating disk feeder.

AOI in front of THT furnace: AOI automatic optical inspection: Intelligent optical inspection equipment with deep learning function. The online AOI solution applicable to the THT line produced by PCBA can effectively ensure the majority of the work of the operator at the visual inspection station in front of the THT section hand plug-in furnace before the THT wave soldering. The production workshop of THT section can effectively improve the quality of production line and reduce labor cost and poor maintenance cost after welding. The defects that can be intercepted include: dislocation, reverse, few parts, offset, wrong parts, and multiple parts. Can trace the test data according to the bar code to SPC, easy to operate.

THT furnace front AOI test interface

The device has self-learning ability, which can be used to learn the detection parameters of the vast majority of devices such as dislocation, reverse and few parts. The learning result can be intuitively named as the component number or type, which can be applied to programming more quickly and improve the programming speed.

SMT process: printing --SPI detection -- patch -- reflux --AOI detection

SMT is the English abbreviation of Surface Mount Technology, Chinese meaning surface mount technology. SMT is a new generation of electronic assembly technology, which is also the most popular technology and process in the electronic assembly industry. With high assembly density, small size and light weight of electronic products, the volume and weight of patch components are only about 1/10 of the traditional plug-in components. Generally, after SMT is adopted, the volume of electronic products will be reduced by 40%~60% and the weight will be reduced by 60%~80%. SMT products have high reliability and strong vibration resistance. Low defect rate of solder joint, high frequency characteristics; Electromagnetic and radio frequency interference is reduced. And easy to realize automation, improve production efficiency. Reduce the cost by 30%~50%. Save materials, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc. The main reasons for the adoption of SMT technology are as follows: the pursuit of miniaturization of electronic products, previously used punch plug-in components can not be shrunk; Electronic products function more complete, the integrated circuit (IC) used has no perforated components, especially large scale, high integration IC, have to use surface patch components; Product mass, production automation, factory to low cost and high output, produce quality products to meet customer needs and strengthen market competitiveness; The development of electronic components, the development of integrated circuits (IC), the multiple applications of semiconductor materials.

 SMT lines

SMT related industry technologies

 SMD (SMT components) : package size and pin/ball distance, pin width/diameter; Packing method (braid, TRAY, tube); Device temperature and humidity.

 PCB (printed circuit board) : substrate PCB size and thickness; PCB surface treatment tinning gold, OSP, etc.; Minimum safe distance between lines and minimum distance between pads.

 SMT equipment: deal with PCB size and thickness: visual identification of the device size range and precision, feeding way of packing, take the material, the weight of the SMT's accuracy, speed and stability.

 printing/coating equipment: to fix welding materials or auxiliary materials, adhere to the PCB surface; Accuracy, separation ability, stability.

 Reflow, Reflow soldering) : Reflow soldering equipment temperature range of temperature control, temperature difference between the capacity; Heating slope and cooling slope control ability, thermal compensation ability.

 testing equipment: SPI Solder Paste Inspection equipment; AOI automatic optical appearance inspection equipment, X-RayBGA/CSP penetration inspection equipment.

 welding materials and accessories: solder paste composition, melting point welding, mold release properties of support for SMT process art. The fixing ability of a fixing agent, such as a red adhesive, to mount a device.

 halftone and vehicle: need to screen technology technical support for the SMT process, realize the welding material coated ability; Support for flexible and complex circuit boards by vehicle materials and machining accuracy.

 test equipment and technology, the ICT equipment and technology, support for PCBA circuit electrical test; FT equipment and technology, function test support for PCBA.

 repair technology and equipment, the welding bad or bad maintenance technology support device, commonly used repair equipment have soldering iron, hot ram, BGA rework stations, etc.

 IPC industry standards

1.IPC-2220 Series Standard for printed board design.

2. Standard for surface mount design and pad structure of IPC-SM-782.

3. Acceptable standards for IPC-A-600 printed circuit boards.

4.IPC-A-610 Acceptable standard for electronic components.

5. Rework, modification and repair of IPC-7711/21 electronic components.

6. Guidelines for the design and manufacture of IPC-7525 templates.

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