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Describe the shielding method and quality in PCB design
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Describe the shielding method and quality in PCB design

The transmission rate of high-speed PCB design wiring system is steadily accelerating, but it also brings some anti-interference vulnerability. This is because the higher the transmission frequency of information, the more sensitive the signal is, and their energy is weaker, at this time, the PCB wiring system is more vulnerable to interference.

Interference is everywhere. Cables and equipment will interfere with other components or be seriously interfered by other interference sources, such as computer screens, mobile phones, motors, radio relay equipment, data transmission and power cables. In addition, potential eavesdroppers, network crimes and hackers are increasing, because their interception of UTP cable information transmission will cause huge damage and loss.


Especially when using high-speed data networks, the time required to intercept a large amount of information is significantly lower than the time required to intercept low-speed data transmission. The twisted pair of data twisted pair can resist external interference and crosstalk between pairs by its own twisted pair at low frequencies, but at high frequencies (especially when the frequency exceeds 250MHz), the purpose of anti-interference cannot be achieved only by twisted pair, and only shielding can resist external interference.

The cable shield acts like a Faraday shield. Interference signals will enter the shield, but not the conductor. Therefore, data transmission can operate without failure. Shielded cable has lower radiation emission than unshielded cable, thus preventing network transmission from being intercepted. Shielded network (shielded cables and components) can significantly reduce the level of electromagnetic energy radiation that may be intercepted when entering the surrounding environment.

The shielding of different interference fields mainly includes electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is mainly low-frequency interference, and motors, fluorescent lamps and power lines are common sources of EMI. Radio frequency interference (RFI) refers to radio frequency interference, mainly high-frequency interference. Radio, television relay, radar and other wireless communication are common RF interference sources.

For electromagnetic interference resistance, braided shielding is the most effective because of its low critical resistance; For RF interference, foil shielding is the most effective. Because braided shielding depends on the change of wavelength, the gap it generates allows high-frequency signals to enter and exit the conductor freely; For the high and low frequency mixed interference field, the combined shielding mode of foil layer and woven mesh with broadband coverage function shall be adopted. Generally, the higher the mesh shielding coverage, the better the shielding effect.

PCB design quality is the key to the whole project

Not only PCB design industry, but also other industries. Low price is not a magic weapon in market competition, but quality is particularly important.

The PCB design industry is more prominent in this respect. For example, when general customers design PCB or reverse development, the cost of investment is relatively high. If the cost of PCB design only accounts for a small part, on the contrary, the accuracy of the copy file affects the success or failure of the entire project, and plays a decisive role in reliability, safety and producibility, So many customers would rather spend high prices to find high-quality PCB design companies to design, rather than bias toward low prices.

If the success of the project is defined as 100%, the importance of PCB design really accounts for 80%, so the quality of PCB design is particularly important.

Importance of PCB design

With the advent of high-speed design era, the quality, cycle and cost of product development are directly determined by the quality of PCB design (circuit board design). It has become a key link in the product design chain. We believe that: "the best design"="design quality"+"cost control", a good pcb design not only ensures good board performance, but also can maximize the reduction of PCB production costs for customers with the simplest process design, and provide convenient operation for hardware engineers when debugging. This not only makes the product or design scheme have professional guarantee. At the same time, the timely launch of the product has reduced the cost, which has also won the first opportunity for our company to quickly occupy the market.

Why choose PCB outsourcing design company

At this stage, many companies still let hardware engineers to carry out PCB design and scheme development. In addition to these, hardware engineers have to do more professional work, which will certainly extend the time for products to market. And now, with the development of high-speed digital electronic technology, the requirements for high-speed PCB design are also higher: signal integrity simulation analysis, timing analysis, single board and whole machine EMC/EMI, etc; In addition, the design density of the single board is getting higher and higher, and the relevant design software must be mastered. These works are serialized, greatly extending the time for product development and marketing.

In the fierce market competition, the core competitiveness is an important part of a company's survival. The key to the success of an enterprise is to strengthen its core competitiveness, focus on the best part of its work, and outsource other relevant peripheral parts to partners. Such parallel work is conducive to the timely launch of products, as well as the professional guarantee of products or design solutions.

"The best design"="design quality"+"cost control", and has always taken this as the goal to minimize PCB production costs for customers and provide convenience for customers' hardware engineers when debugging under the condition of ensuring good board performance. Our company can provide customers with professional, exquisite and efficient PCB design and PCB manufacturing one-stop service.

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.