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PCB Design
Sharing methods to avoid common PCB design errors
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Sharing methods to avoid common PCB design errors

Sharing methods to avoid common PCB design errors

When you rely on the printed circuit board to make the product achieve the expected function, any small error may cause a huge setback to your operation. This is why it is so important to correctly handle all content at the first time. Of course, this is not always possible - but if you plan ahead and carefully avoid these misfortunes, you will be more likely to be 100% satisfied with the final result.

Avoid common PCB errors

The design is too complex: PCB manufacturing process is already very complex. Ideally, your PCB assembly plant will want to manufacture and manufacture printed circuit boards in the most cost-effective way. An overly complex design will make this process more complex and may actually put board functionality at risk. Work with your PCB assembler to ensure that boards can be constructed in a simple and efficient manner, avoiding unnecessary delays and reducing costs.

Incorrect or missing Gerber sent: Gerber files must be industry standard RS274X. All current versions of CAD programs can generate the - X format. Gerber files are used to paste layers.

printed circuit board

Unable to find errors quickly: Your PCB wafer manufacturers and assembly partners should be able to find most errors before PCB production, provided they have a comprehensive design review process. They should also use the most advanced technology to carry out a complete PCB inspection to ensure that your circuit board can work properly after delivery. Otherwise, your operation may suffer heavy losses due to delay or even product failure. Before selecting PCB manufacturers, please ensure that they have the ability to fulfill PCB inspection commitments.

Incorrect BOM format: the component BOM must be in CSV format. PDF documents cannot be reliably converted to CSV format. In addition, the BOM needs to include reference marks, values, packaging/labeling, descriptions, and part numbers.

Not cooperating with reputable PCB assembly plants: some enterprises think they can make PCB by themselves, or they want to cooperate with the cheapest PCB manufacturer they can find. Unfortunately, this often leads to delays and costly errors - so you won't end up saving much in the long run! Remember that an automated production line can also place and weld more components than 50 manual welding operators. This means that when time is a factor (and almost always is), you will choose a company that can produce PCB quickly. Usually, this means that you will be working with companies with high reputation and rich experience in the industry, rather than just choosing based on price.

Missing file: The mounter uses XYRS coordinates for SMT parts. Almost every CAD program can generate XYRS data. If you do not use turnkey service, each kit must also include a packing list or invoice for comparison with the BOM. In addition, the internal operation number shall be indicated on the packing box.

Some mistakes are hard to avoid, but these common wrong steps may require additional care and planning. To learn how our assembly process can save you time and money while delivering reliable products, please contact us immediately. The PCB processing factory explained how to avoid common PCB design errors and correctly handle all design errors at the first time.

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.