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How to check the quality of smt chip processing?

How to check the quality of SMT chip processing?

All in one servICe SMT chip manufacturer will tell you how to check the spot welding quality of PCBA board today? Now, in order to meet the needs of the MARKet, most electronic equipment is developing towards precision and high quality. For example, components on circuit boards produced by SMT are becoming SMAller and smaller, and the assembly accuracy is also getting higher and higher. Electricity is often used in SMT. The quality and requirements of spot welding determine the quality of products. How to ensure the quality of SMT spot welding is a problem that engineers need to solve all the time. How to check whether the quality of SMT spot welding is qualified?


1、 SMT spot welding inspection:

1. The surface must be fine, smooth and bright without defects;

2. The length width ratio of components shall be appropriate, and a certain amount of welding materials shall cover the welding positions of welding plates and leads as well as welding materials;

3. Excellent wettability. The edges of welding points shall be relatively thin.

2、 Contents to be checked for the appearance of PCBA board:

1. Whether there are wrong components or missing components.

2. Is the component mounted correctly?

3. Whether it will cause short circuit fault;

4. Whether the component welding is not firm, such as false welding or false welding.

As the production base of electronic equipment manufacturing industry, what factors will cause SMT chip processing quality? 3、 The key conditions that endanger the SMT patch quality and cause the patch to lack parts are as follows:

1. The feeder of electronic equipment cannot feed in time;

2. The vacuum sucker in the module is blocked by the air supply, damaged by the vacuum sucker, and the proportion between the vacuum sucker and the width is wrong;

3. Common faults and blockages in the real gas circuit of machines and equipment;

4. The circuit board is poorly picked up, causing deformation;

5. There is no or too little solder paste on the PCB board;

6. The quality of the product is different for the same thickness;

7. The starting program flow of the mounter is defective, or the input of main parameters is incorrect when writing the program;

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