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Quality Control in SMT Production
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Quality Control in SMT Production

Quality Control in SMT Production
Surface mount technology is a systematic project It has intensive technology and knowledge in large-scale surface assembly production, large equipment investment, and high technology difficulty Due to the high quality and high precision of the equipment, the system and high precision are ensured to realize automatic line operation Under normal conditions, the equipment failure rate is very low, but poor system adjustment, improper operation, abnormal power supply and gas supply, poor production environment, and poor process connection will lead to new equipment failure rate In actual production, good equipment is available in time, but due to improper technology, the product has been replaced, and the temperature curve of the soldering furnace has not been replaced in time. This usually leads to new welding defects and poor storage conditions for components, PCB boards, solder pastes, and repair adhesives Regulations may result in poor solderability of components There are many reasons for welding defects In some aspects, the initial product failure rate of SMT plants is as high as 10% or higher Therefore, quality control SMT production receives more and more attention from SMT manufacturers, and SMT quality control is regarded as an integral part of SMT This is a summary of past experiences and lessons, and it is also a new understanding of surface mount technology
Iso9000 series standards are international standards formulated in 1987 by the international standards organization in geneva, switzerland, which teaches standardization organizations from all countries. These standards are intended to further improve the quality control of manufacturers. This standard is revised every five years. Over the years, regardless of national boundaries or industries, this standard has been increasingly recognized and valued by governments, organizations and factories around the world, and actively applied for the review of this standard. Why is this series of standards concerned by so many industrial plants? This is because of the intensification of global economic competition. Production managers need to find an effective heart and a quality assurance system to improve the quality of their products and gain access to the outside world. The purpose of this standard is to help managers achieve their intended policy objectives by determining a practical and effective quality control system.
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In the iso9000 standard, the quality control system clearly puts forward 20 elements and the standards that these elements should meet. The essence of these twenty elements is called man machine thing law circle. It has both practical operability and continuity of inheritance and development. Iso9000 series standards are a summary and distillation of the experience of implementing total quality control in various countries. It can be considered that there has been no TQC practice in the past decades. It can be considered that without the practice of TQC in the past decades, there can be no current iso9000 series standards, which will continue to be affected by the development of TQC in the future and become more perfect and effective.
Many factories vividly regard ISO9000 series standards as the passport of the world economy. They are also bridges of vision and communication between different industries. Through this system, different manufacturers and different departments have good communication and mutual support. There is a clear division of labor in large-scale social production. When each factory in each industry provides qualified products to the society, it must also accept the qualified products provided by other factories in the society.
SMT production requires high quality and high processing difficulty, which is rare in other industries It is closely related to many industrial plants, including various components, auxiliary materials, solder paste, repair glue, and PCB processing methods, Purchased parts of processing equipment, as well as purchased parts Product designers need professional knowledge and must be familiar with SMT process specifications; Welding quality continues to be guaranteed by equipment, which is inseparable from people's experience It will cause quality accidents, especially when welding quality problems occur, and the possibility of recovery and repair is very small How to do a good job in SMT production process of enterprise quality control? The experience and lessons tell us that iso9000 series standards are the best management method In the SMT production process, based on the iso9000 series standards, a complete quality control system has been gradually formed Moving towards the world advanced level is no longer empty talk

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