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Program Design and Key Points of Operation of Chip Mounter
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Program Design and Key Points of Operation of Chip Mounter

Program Design and Key Points of Operation of Chip Mounter
The main task of the placement machine is to accurately install component boards on various PCBs, which are controlled by computers and vision systems The basic principle of placement is to take out the components from the feeder through the vacuum nozzle, calibrate the shape and size of the components in the identification device, and then install the components according to the position coordinates set in the program The whole installation process is completed by the corresponding computer controlled programs. The main programs include:
1. Component position coordinate program (NC program)
Assembly outline dimension shape program (part program, supply program) – 3. Sequence of components on the mounter (array program)
4. Substrate identification method (marker)
5. Contour coordinate size and positioning method of PCB program -- taking Panasonic model as an example
Main contents of each part of the program: PCB program:
It mainly includes: the overall dimensions of the PCB, the thickness of the substrate and the positioning method of the PCB MARK program:


It mainly includes: shape and size of marking point, marking shape, identification type of marking point, substrate data type, PCB brightness selection (BOARDLIGHT) The vision system of the placement machine is a real-time image recognition system based on computer The camera detects the light intensity distribution signal of the marked point within a given range, and processes it into a digital image signal by a digital signal circuit, and then divides it into a certain number of network points. The value of each point gives the average brightness of the marked point This re are two ways to identify the MARK point: one is grayscale recognition (that is, grayscale resolution recognition) It specifies a discrete value, under which the mounter can distinguish the measured light intensity at a given point Generally, 256 levels are used; The other is binary recognition, which is a grid covering the original image size.
Key points of operation of chip mounter
The placement machine is one of the key equipment of the placement equipment, because its high efficiency and stable efficiency have brought great advantages to our production. With the placement machine, the production efficiency can be greatly improved, and the role of the placement machine is irreplaceable to provide customers with high-quality products. The patch machine manufacturer has a total of operating points of the patch machine.
Understand the common signs of SMT mounter.
As we all know, many machines and equipment have specific signs that need to be learned before use, and the placement machine is no exception. Therefore, at this time, you need to fully understand the meaning and function of these signs to play a warning role. After fully understanding the mounter, you can use the mounter more safely.
Second, do a good job of startup inspection.
For example, it is very important to determine whether the air pressure of the patch is within the normal range; Secondly, whether there is any debris inside the machine to prevent interference and failure; In addition, this is also very important to ensure that the patches are installed in place, as it is the key to ensuring long-term normal use.
Third, the boot sequence must be ensured.
When using the mounter, please pay attention to whether the startup sequence is correct, which is closely related to the safety of employees and the use of the machine. The correct boot sequence is the guarantee for future operation and work. In this case, special attention should be paid to the guiding sequence.
Fourth, we must actively eliminate the faults.
The smt placing machine will inevitably cause certain consumption and damage after being used for a long time Therefore, troubleshooting is also an important task With this kind of pipeline, actively investigate and find problems in time, so as to solve problems quickly and effectively This is the main purpose and function of troubleshooting

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