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SMT safety regulations and SMT safety signs
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SMT safety regulations and SMT safety signs

SMT safety regulations and SMT safety signs
Compared with high-risk process equipment, PCB manufacturing field (for example, high-energy process equipment such as welding, casting and pressure treatment, pressure vessels, high-pressure equipment, etc.), the safety risk of the mounting machine is relatively SMAll However, if it is believed that the safety can be ignored in the applICation of the placement machine, the placement machine may become a high-risk equipment The motion system of the placement machine has considerable energy, which will increase the risk of personal injury when moving at high speed, not to mention many illegal operations and abnormal operations, which may damage the machine Therefore, safe use is still the primary task of the placement machine application
1. Preparation and safety before use
1. The operators shall be strictly trained, including:
-Carefully study technical data, such as product instructions or operation manuals;
Understand the working principle of the mounter;
Understand the composition and structure of the placement machine;
Master correct operation methods;
Master safety measures and preventive measures;


Understand maintenance knowLEDge and general troubleshooting methods.
2. Formulate feasible safety operation procedures.
3. The operators must pass the examination and work with certificates.
2. Safety instructions for using smt to place the machine
1. The placement machine shall be operated by a specially assigned person, and it is strictly prohibited to use it by non designated personnel.
2. A machine can only be operated by one operator. It is forbidden to operate the machine by two or more people at the same time. Under special circumstances, the leader must agree and confirm the operation sequence and signals.
3. Confirm before startup:
Whether the working air pressure is within the allowable range and whether the feeder is correctly installed;
-Confirm that the machine is not in maintenance state;
-Confirm that there are no missing tools or other fragments on Z-axis of X-Y platform;
-Confirm that there is no person or any part of the body within the normal operation range of the machine;
-There shall be no idle feeder on the Z-axis workstation.
4. When replacing materials, make sure that the four "materials, trays, tables and Z positions" match, and make refueling records.
5. Do not put your head, hands or other foreign matters into the safety door during operation.
6. After replacing materials, it is necessary to check whether the feeder is installed correctly.
7. Check the safety devices of the machine:
-Confirm that the safety device has been correctly installed in the designated position, and then operate;
-When disassembling the safety device, ensure that it is installed in its original position, and confirm that the machine operates normally;
-Attach the warning label correctly to the machine so that it is clearly visible. In case of peeling or staining, replace the label timely;
– When the safety device fails, do not remove the safety device and operate the machine;
-Personal injury or death may result if safety devices are removed and operated.
8. Change the parameter settings of the machine through the responsible engineer.
9. The door of the power box cannot be opened when the machine is working.
10. In case of any abnormal situation such as collision and abnormal noise during the operation of the machine, the operator shall stop the machine in time, notify the relevant personnel to deal with it, and report to the head of the equipment.
– Keep the environment clean and equipment clean:
-Use a clean cloth to clean the surface of the machine, such as the display screen, operating keyboard and safety cover;
-Use a vacuum cleaner and a clean cloth to clean the jig platform and the tracks inside the machine. Use tweezers to remove the scattered components from the narrow parts that cannot be absorbed by the vacuum cleaner;
-Clean the nozzle platform with a vacuum cleaner, and be careful not to bump or damage the nozzle during cleaning;
-Clean the feeder platform with a vacuum cleaner and a clean cloth;
-Regularly clean the tape and dustbin in the feeder;
-Empty the dustbin.
3. Inspection and maintenance safety of the chip mounter
1. The inspection and maintenance of the placement machine must be carried out by professionals with equipment maintenance qualifications.
2. Equipment maintenance personnel shall carefully read the maintenance manual of the machine and master the maintenance skills of the machine.
3. Any maintenance and replacement of machine parts must be carried out with the power supply disconnected.
4. When replacing parts, qualified products produced or approved by the equipment supplier must be used.
5. For safety, when setting or adjusting the machine, please put your hand on the EMG button (emergency stop button) of the operation panel or setting or setting box to stop the machine at any time.
6. When unplugging the power plug, hold the plug, not the power cord.
7. In order to prevent accidents caused by sudden startup, before using the pneumatic device to repair parts, first release the compressed air in the air channel, and then carry out maintenance operations.
8. To prevent personal injury, ensure that the screws and nuts are tightened as required after repair, adjustment and replacement of parts.
Special attention: cutting off the power refers to disconnecting the power plug from the socket or disconnecting the power cable from the power side after cutting off the main power switch.
4. Safe use environment of the chip mounter
1. To prevent accidents caused by misoperation, strong electromagnetic interference (such as high-frequency welding machine, electromagnetic heating device, etc.) shall be avoided in the working environment;
2. The power supply voltage shall not exceed the rated voltage of the machine;
3. The air supply pressure shall not exceed the rated pressure of the machine;
4. For safe use, please use in the following environments:
Ambient temperature during operation+10 ℃+35 ℃;
The relative temperature during operation is lower than 50% (35 ° C) and 90% (20 ° C).
Safety signs for mounting machine
In order to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, one of the common measures in the industry is to set up various safety signs on the machine and production site to warn or rEMInd operators and other workers. These safety signs are both industry unified and industry specific. It is important to understand and apply them correctly to ensure safety.
1. Safety color
In order to attract attention, various safety signs set on the machine and at the production site usually use different colors to indicate different meanings. The four colors of red, blue, yellow and green are the internationally unified "safe colors" standard.
2. Common safety tips for mounter
In addition to color, there are text prompts. Since most mainstream mounters in China are imported, it is necessary to understand the meaning of Chinese and English.
3. Common and combined icons
Because graphics are easy to identify, eye-catching and remember, they are widely used in safety warnings, and all walks of life have their own special safety graphics.
Safety related text prompts are usually combined with common icons and specific text terms to make them more clear and eye-catching.
4. Safety signs for global mounters
The SMT products produced by different countries, regions and suppliers shall be set with safety warning signs according to the characteristics and experience of our products on the premise of complying with international uniform regulations and conventions

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