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What processing rules should be followed during PCBA processing
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What processing rules should be followed during PCBA processing

What processing rules should be followed during PCBA processing
Precision machining can easily damage components due to improper operation or other reasons Therefore, for the polychlorinated biphenyl processing link and operation process?
It is reported that improper operation will cause damage to components and PCBs, resulting in cracking, breakage, open circuit and bending fracture of components and connectors. Recalling this, in order to avoid these situations, it is necessary to strICtly abide by the rules for the treatment of PCBs, especially the following points. Are they basic and important?
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1. Keep the working environment clean
The working environment consists of two parts, one is the workshop area, the other is the workbench. It must be clean and tidy, without food, drinks, etc., and ashtrays, cigarettes, and other items cannot be placed at the same time. No Smoking.
Reduce PCBs treatment steps

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The more complex the PCB treatment steps, the better. On the contrary, PCBs processing manufacturers emphasize that the less the better, the processing steps of PCBs can be reduced to the limit, thus reducing the possibility of danger. At the same time, you must wear gloves to cooperate during operation. Don't be too troublesome. You can easily hurt your hands and cause industrial injuries if you start directly. In addition, gloves should be replaced frequently to avoid affecting the operation.
3. Do not operate with bare hands
Grease on the hands will reduce the weldability of the parts. In this case, it is not allowed to operate with bare hands or fingers directly to avoid reducing the weldability.
4、 Do not use hand cream and detergent containing silicone resin
Both of these conditions will lead to reduced solderability and coating adhesion failure. In retrOSPect, no one should follow the basic rules of workshop operation.
Do not stack polychlorinated biphenyls
In the process of operation, due to unskilLED operation, some novice employees will stack PCBs together, which is easy to cause physical damage, and the use is strictly prohibited. The correct way is to put it on a special bracket.
6. Select appropriate signs for sensitive parts
Some PCBs are more sensitive, such as EOS/electrostatic discharge. These are very sensitive components and the appropriate flags must be selected. In addition, static electricity is also controlled during operation.
The above six points are the rules that must be followed in this PCB processing process It seems very troublesome, but in fact, this is the basic requirement to ensure smooth workflow
The above is the explanation given by the editor of pcb circuit board company. If you want to know more about PCBA, you can go to our company's home page to learn about it. In addition, our company also sells various circuit boards,
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