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What preparations are made before PCBA processing?
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What preparations are made before PCBA processing?

What preparations are made before PCBA processing?
PCBA processing refers to the process of welding electronIC components on the surface of PCB to form PCBA, whICh is calLED PCBA processing for short. If there is a quality problem in a certain processing link and the production is stopped, this will bring a certain economic loss to the PCBA processing plant. In order to carry out the processing smoothly, it is particularly important to make corresponding preparations before PCBA processing. Next, I would like to share with you what preparations have been made before PCBA processing, and I hope to give you some help!

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1. According to the PCBA processing documents provided by the customer, the BOM engineer is required to convert the documents into the company's internal production documents, and the documents need to be reviewed at the same time. The audit contents include:
① Check whether the physical PCB meets the processing requirements; ② BOM conversion, optimize material description, model, usage, tag number, packaging, brand, etc; ③ Convert Gerber files and print machining drawings; ④ Make relevant process requirements according to PCBA processing procedures; ⑤ Distinguish the BOM file from SMT and DIP;
⑥ Finally, the engineering clerk issues the process documents to the relevant departments for recycling;
2. Confirm whether the steel mesh, fixture and solder paste are ready in advance according to the order plan. If a new steel mesh and fixture need to be opened, it needs to be completed 1 day in advance, and the solder paste needs to be unfrozen 4 hours in advance and stirred 5 minutes before going online;
3. Material inspection: IQC checks whether the materials match the BOM file according to the BOM list issued by the project;
4. Baking of components: PCB and components shall be baked according to the specified temperature and time when they are not in the original packaging;
5. Material preparation: according to BOM requirements, SMT mounting and DIP plug-in processes need to pick materials in the warehouse in advance, SMT needs to load materials on the Feeder in advance, and DIP materials need to be formed in advance;
6. As the temperature of the equipment rises and falls for a long time, the wave soldering and reflow soldering temperatures need to be set in advance during wire replacement.
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