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How to select a suitable PCB welding plant?
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How to select a suitable PCB welding plant?

Disclaimer: This article is purely fictitious, if there is any similarity, it is purely coincidental, please do not take a seat according to your number. If you want to take a seat according to your number, please do not mind!

If you only want to find a general PCB welding factory, you don't need to look at the following. There are at least hundreds of such PCB welding factories on the Beiqing roadside, Shangzhuang area, Changping's North Seven, Changping's Dingsi roadside, Dingfu Huangzhuang, and other places in Beijing. There are people who advertise and pull welding businesses like flies at the gate of Zhongfa all day, and there are also many second dealers who do business, You can grab a bunch of them at random, so there's no need to waste your brain. Look at me here roast. Now let's get down to business.01

1、 Look at the boss (major shareholder)

See if the bosses take welding circuit boards as their lifelong career, and see if they often travel abroad with exploited hard-earned money and think about immigration every day? How many days a month do you work hard with employees in the factory? Ask the boss how much he has studied the welding process, and see if there are exquisite circuit boards in his office? Well, if you ask a few questions like this, you can basically kill a large number of PCB welding plants, but it may be difficult for you to see the big boss, so if that is the case, I advise you to leave quickly! Keep looking for another one. You won't stay there and wait for the boss to come back from abroad to talk to you, will you? Look at the home page of the bosses. Is it dry circuit board welding? People don't use circuit board soldering as an ATM, do they?

2、 Look at the team

Whether there is a stable core team. The quality manager, engineering manager, production manager and business manager should talk with them and ask them if the factory belongs to them? Or the boss alone? Of course, if you are thick skinned, you can ask them on the spot how about their soldering technology? Let them weld a 160pin qfp chip for you to see on the spot. If you are satisfied, you can make do with it.

3、 Look at culture (system)

What kind of boss and team basically determines what kind of corporate culture is. A company without corporate culture cannot develop for a long time. We rely on passion to tackle difficulties, and culture and system to develop. Check whether this welding factory has an employee incentive system and employee development plan. If not, even the boss has not thought about it, and only cares about making money every day, it can be basically determined that this is a PCB factory where the boss drives BMW and Audi, and the employees work night shifts every day. Experience and see if all aspects of them are saturated with a culture of welding circuit boards. Of course, there are also educated hooligans, such as communist bandits, but pay attention to prevention.

3、 Look at management

1. Quality management

See if their quality is just like shouting slogans and posting slogans, and see if there are a lot of circuit boards waiting to be repaired in the corner? Check their records on the handling of defective products to see if they have dealt with quality problems. Whether they have punished all the things that should be punished and whether all the things that have been punished are only the employees, while the management has fled!

2. Process Management

The process is not difficult to formulate, and it is very vague, but the key is implementation, but the key is how to see that the implementation is thorough? This is not hard to see.

3. Site management

Check whether the site is clean and tidy, whether the shelves and pallets are placed neatly, whether the circuit boards are separated and layered. It's comfortable to watch. If you think it's a kind of enjoyment, it's right. It shows that you feel love at first sight, and you can talk about it next. The details of the scene still need to be checked, such as touching the back of the equipment to see if your hands are black? You can also climb to the underground of the equipment

4. Personnel management

Check whether the on-site employees are fresh, attentive, comfortable, and have taken safety precautions when working. If this is not the case, it can be basically determined that this is a black hearted boss, regardless of whether the employees live or die. So the boss doesn't care about the quality of your circuit board. They only care about your business and their own profits.

4、 Look at PCB equipment

Equipment is the foundation. Without good equipment, the boss of the pcb factory would have walked out of the street with his underpants hanging. Check whether the equipment is first-hand new equipment. If it is second-hand equipment or has been used for more than five years, it is basically unreliable. Of course, simple circuit boards and old equipment are still capable, depending on your requirements.

5、 Pcb production technology

What do you think of technology? In fact, it depends on your level! Otherwise, they will be fooled. It can't be fooled by people, because they have to be hard to forge iron.

6、 Look at business

It doesn't depend on how much business they have or how busy they are. The key is to see whether the PCB boards they are working on are exquisite, have a certain technical content, precise and difficult. That is to see if the customers they are working with are at the same level with you, or even several levels higher than you. If their customers are at a higher level than you, then this PCB welding plant is worth your ownership.

Conclusion: After all that has been said, it's time for us to sum up. If the above six items can't hide from you, you must want to ask about their prices next? However, if you expect their prices to be low, your previous investigations will be in vain. You'd better leave quickly, and change to a cheaper one. They are not suitable for you, because it only means that you have high taste but low requirements. Next year, you will find a PCB welding factory.

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